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Mineral Estate of Land Acquired for Justice Purposes Not Now Required Pursuant to section 42 of the Public Works Act 1981, and to a delegation from the Minister of Lands, the Acting District Manager, Department of Survey and Land Information, Invercargill, declares that, the mineral estate of the land in the Schedule hereto, being no longer required for justice purposes, to be Crown land subject to the Land Act 1948. Schedule Southland Land District Invercargill City Area m Being 10 Section 2, S.O. Plan 118262. 22 Part Lot 2, Block VI, D.P. 299, situated in Block I, Invercargill Hundred. Balance New Zealand Gazette notice 213969.1. Dated at Invercargill this 26th day of November 1993. M. D. SMITH, Acting District Manager. (DOSLI In. 955912)1CL
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2 Dec 1993

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