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Appointment/Release of Liquidators
Notice of Meeting of Members and Creditors In the matter of the CompaniesAct 1955, and in the matter of Wood Street Properties Limited (in liquidation): Notice is hereby given that by entry in its minute book, signed in accordance with section 362 (1) of the Companies Act 1955, the above-named company on the 6th day of December 1993, passed a resolution for voluntary winding up, and that a meeting of members and creditors of the above-named company will accordingly be held at the offices of Allan & Associates Nominees Limited, 23 Aviemore Drive, Highland Park, Pakuranga on Monday, the 20th day of December 1993 at 4 p.m. Business: 1. Consideration of a statement of the position of the company's affairs and a list of creditors, etc. 2. Appointment of a liquidator. 3. Appointment of a committee of inspection, if thought fit. Dated this 6th day of December 1993. J. C. ALLAN, Director. Proxies to be received by Friday, the 17th day of December 1993 at 4 p.m. addressed to Raymond G. Burgess, Chartered Accountant, P.O. Box 82-100, Auckland. Telephone: (09) 576 7806. Facsimile: (09) 576 7263.
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9 Dec 1993

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