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Extension of Term of Special Partnership No. S.P. 62/1985 It is certified pursuant to section 58 of the Partnership Act 1908 (``the Act'') that the term of Forestry Resources Limited and Company, a special partnership formed pursuant to Part II of the Act and registered at the High Court of New Zealand (Auckland Registry) on 11 September 1985 under No. S.P. 62/1985, is extended as provided below: Name, Address and Capital Contribution of the General Partner Forestry Resources Limited, Level 27, 151 Queen Street, Auckland Capital contribution: Nil. Special Partners The names, addresses and capital contributions of the special partners are set out in the Schedule attached to this certificate. Partnership Business To continue and carry on in New Zealand and elsewhere the business of forestry and to undertake or carry on any other activity or business ancillary or incidental thereto. Principal Place of Business The registered office of the general partner, Level 27, 151 Queen Street, Auckland. Term of the Partnership The term of the partnership has been extended from 11 September 1999 and shall now end upon the sooner to occur or the registration of a certificate of dissolution pursuant to section 62 of the Act or the expiration of 7 years from 11 September 1999 or, if the term of the partnership shall have been extended in accordance with sections 57 and 58 of the Act, then the expiration of the extended term. Dated this 8th day of September 1999. Execution by the parties: Forestry Resources Limited by WILLIAM JOHN CUNNINGHAM LAIRD (Director), WILLIAM STEPHEN HORACE MAUD (Director) and executed for and on behalf of the special partners by their duly authorised attorney. Forestry Resources Limited by WILLIAM JOHN CUNNINGHAM LAIRD (Director), WILLIAM STEPHEN HORACE MAUD (Director). Witness to all the above signatures: P. R. MORRISON, Justice of the Peace. Mr W. N. Birnie, P.O. Box 10-085, Wellington18 075 Mr D. A. Botting, 30A Auckland Road, St Heliers, Auckland14 460 Mr J. T. Carrigan, 97 Stanley Point Road, Devonport, Auckland7 953 Ms L. Carrington, P.O. Box 25-378, St Heliers, Auckland7 230 Mr and Mrs Dargaville, 74 Bell Road, Remuera, Auckland73 746 Mr P. D. Debreceny, Apartment 2, 1715 North Crilly Road, Illinois 60614, Chicago, U.S.A.72 300 Sir Michael Fay, P.O. Box 1650, Auckland169 182 Mr Keith Francis, care of P.O. Box 4343, Auckland2 169 Mr John Issac, P.O. Box 28-751, Auckland42 657 Mr G. J. Kennedy as trustee of the G. J. Kennedy Family Trust, P.O. Box 10-482, The Terrace, Wellington30 366 Mr M. T. Kennedy as trustee of the M. T. Kennedy Family Trust, 57B Christopher Street, Tauranga31 089 Mr John Laird, 81 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland60 009 Mr C. E. H. Lambert, P.O. Box 10-085, Wellington25 305 Miss A. R. Leuch, Grafton Towers, 61 Park Road, Grafton, Auckland2 169 Mr E. N. Lynskey, P.O. Box 789, Wellington10 845 Mr W. S. H. Maud, 6 Lucerne Road, Remuera, Auckland50 610 Mr A. J. Milton, P.O. Box 1130, Auckland 103046 995 Mr Dennis Munn, care of P.O. Box 4343, Auckland2 892 Mr G. R. Norman, care of Mr D. J. H. Barker, David Barker & Co Limited, P.O. Box 853, Christchurch25 305 Mr S. T. Norrie, 35 Upland Road, Remuera, Auckland36 150 Mr R. Osmers, 1/38A Moffit Road, Orewa, Hibiscus Coast8 676 Mr Nigel Poole, 32 Edward Street, Woollahra, Sydney, N.S.W., 2025, Australia21 690 Mr W. G. Proctor, 4 Moana Road, Plimmerton, Wellington10 845 Mr D. M. Richwhite, P.O. Box 1650, Auckland169 182 Mr R. M. Richwhite, P.O. Box 27-025, Mount Roskill, Auckland253 050 Mr B. W. Roulston, P.O. Box 105-142, Auckland35 427 Mr C. R. Savage, P.O. Box 12, Clevedon, Auckland25 305 Mr W. P. Simpson, 3 Rajputana Way, Khandallah, Wellington25 305 Mr and Mrs Swan, 1 Crowden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland3 615 Mr S. L. F. Thompkins, 33 Codrington Crescent, Mission Bay, Auckland36 150 Mr G. B. M. Williams, 75 Owens Road, Epsom, Auckland112 875 Mr S. C. B. Wills, 81 Stephens Avenue, Parnell, Auckland72 300 The trustees of the Wills Family Trust, P.O. Box 28-359, Remuera, Auckland72 300
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7 Oct 1999

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