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Wellington City Council: Notice of Intention to Take Land for Access Way at Oxford Street, Tawa To: Tawa Central Limited (in liquidation). And To: Any other person wishing to object to the proposal set out below: 1. Take notice that the Wellington City Council (``the council'') proposes to take under section 23 of the Public Works Act 1981, the owner's interest in the land described in the Schedule to this notice (``the land''). 2. The land is required for access way (legal road but restricted to pedestrian use). The land has been used by the public for this purpose for many years. Reasons for Taking Land 3. The council considers it essential to take the owner's interest in the land for the reasons in paragraph 2 above. The council has maintained the land for these purposes in the past. It is in the public interest for the land to be acquired for these purposes to ensure continued public access to the land. Your Right to Object 4. The owner's interest in the land has not yet been taken. 5. You have a right to object to the taking of the owner's interest in the land. 6. If you object you must send a written objection to the Registrar, Environment Court, Department for Courts, P.O. Box 5027, Wellington, on or before Friday, 21 May 1999. 7. If an objection is made, a public hearing of the objection will be held unless the objector gives written notice to the Court that the objector requires the hearing to be held in private. 8. If an objection is made: 8.1 The objector will be advised of the time and place of the hearing; and 8.2 The objector will have the right to appear and be heard personally or to be represented by a barrister and solicitor or any other person the objector authorises. Right to Compensation 9. This notice, and the right to object described above, relate to the taking of the owner's interest in the land and not to any right you may have to compensation. Under the Public Works Act 1981, the owner and any person with a registered interest in the land are entitled to full compensation, if the land is taken. If this compensation cannot be agreed with the council it can be determined in separate proceedings before the Land Valuation Tribunal. Warning This notice concerns your rights over the land referred to. If you are in any doubt about its effect you should obtain legal advice immediately. Do not delay. Schedule Land for Access Way An estate in fee simple in that piece of land containing 177 square metres, more or less, being Lot 132 on Deposited Plan 10528, and being all the land in certificate of title F3/280 (Wellington Registry). Dated at Wellington this 21st day of February 1999. GARRY KEITH POOLE, Chief Executive/Principal Administrative Officer, the Wellington City Council.
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22 Apr 1999

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