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Setting Apart Maori Land as a Maori Reservation and Defining Persons for Whose Use or Benefit the Reservation is Held Pursuant to sections 338 (1) and 340 of Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993, on the recommendation of the Maori Land Court, the land described in the Schedule hereto, is hereby set apart as a Maori reservation for the purposes of preserving and protecting the natural and historic values of the land as well as the spiritual and cultural values which Maori associated with the land for the common use and benefit of the people of New Zealand subject to the Nga Whenua Rahui deed between the trustees and the Minister of Conservation. Schedule Gisborne Land District All that piece of land situated in Blocks XI, XII, XV and XVI, Matakaoa Survey District and described as follows: Area ha Being 40 Part Tarere 2. Dated at Wellington this 27th day of March 1999. Dr NGATATA LOVE, Chief Executive, Ministry of Maori Development. (MLC: H.O. 2/3/1/5; D.O. Appln. No. 96273)2CL
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15 Apr 1999

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