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Food Standards The authority advises progress on the following matters relating to food standards. You are invited to present written submissions to the authority on these matters, including the potential regulatory impact on consumers, industry and government, by the dates indicated. The information papers on these matters provide further information, including advice on the authority's policy regarding submissions. You can get these information papers from: The Information Officer, Australia New Zealand Food Authority, P.O. Box 10-559, The Terrace, WELLINGTON 6036. Telephone: (04) 473 9942. Facsimile: (04) 473 9855. Email: The ANZFA Internet Home Page is Matters at Inquiry - Proposals The authority will conduct inquiries into the draft standards prepared at full assessment of the following proposals which review current Australian and New Zealand regulations in order to develop joint Australia/New Zealand standards: Print Size and Quality (Proposal P142) Specific Labelling Statements (Proposal P161) Sauces, Chutneys and Pickles (Proposal P174) Labelling - Unpackaged (Proposal P175) Energy Factors (Proposal P177) Jam, Marmalade and Related Products (Proposal P179) Prohibited and Restricted Botanicals & Contaminants (Proposal P195)* Coffee and Tea (Proposal P196)* Flavourings and Flavour Enhancers (Proposal P197)* Vinegar and Related Products (Proposal P198)* Formulated Meal Replacements and Formulated Supplementary Foods (Proposal P199)* Submissions on these proposals close 31 March 1999. The authority is satisfied that those proposals marked with an asterix (*) raise issues of minor significance and complexity and that to omit to invite public submissions prior to having made full assessments would not have significant adverse effects on the interests of any person or body. The authority therefore did not invite public submissions prior to making full assessments of these proposals, but now does so in order to undertake inquiries into the matters decided at full assessment. Matters at Inquiry - Applications for Foods Produced Using Gene Technology The authority will conduct inquiries into the draft standards prepared at full assessment of the following applications to amend the Food Standards Code, and submissions on these applications close on 31 March 1999: RoundUp Ready Soybeans (Application A338) INGARD Cottonseed (Application A341)
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18 Feb 1999

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