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Exemption From Specified Requirements of the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990 Pursuant to regulation 36 of the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990, I, John Ashley Gregg, Vehicle Compliance Officer, hereby exempt the motor vehicles specified in Schedule 1 of this notice from the requirements of the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990 listed in Schedule 2, subject to the conditions specified in Schedule 3. Schedule 1 Vehicle Details Make Model Year VIN Mercedes Benz 0305 1999 7A8K90P0999449086 Mercedes Benz 0305 1999 7A8K90P0999840478 Mercedes Benz 0305 1999 7A8K90P0999419066 Mercedes Benz 0305 1999 7A8K90P0999077710 Mercedes Benz 0305 1999 7A8K90P0999043681 Schedule 2 Exempted Requirements Regulation 27 (windscreen wiping and washing) Schedule 3 Conditions (i) The windscreen wiping and washing equipment conforms to all applicable requirements of Australian Design Rule 16/01: Windscreen Wipers and Washers; (ii) This exemption may be revoked at any time. Signed at Christchurch this 22nd day of September 1999. JOHN ASHLEY GREGG, Vehicle Compliance Officer, acting under the authority delegated to me by way of instrument of delegation dated 3 May 1999.
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30 Sep 1999

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