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Declaring State Highway to be Limited Access Road: State Highway No. 2, Region 3, Boundary to Ngatea and Ngatea to Opukeka Road It is notified that Transit New Zealand, by resolution dated 2 December 1998 and pursuant to section 88 (1) of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989, hereby declares those parts of State Highway No. 2 described in the Schedule hereto, and as more particularly shown on Plans LR 148, LR 149, LR 150, LR 151 and LR 152 and accompanying schedules held in the office of the Regional State Highway Manager, Transit New Zealand, Hamilton and there available for public inspection, to be limited access road. Schedule 1. Commencing at Region 3 Boundary (at Route Position 32/0.00) and proceeding in a generally easterly direction to Ngatea (at Route Position 48/0.00); a distance of 16.23 kilometres. 2. Commencing at Ngatea (at Route Position 48/0.96) and proceeding in a generally south easterly direction to Opukeka Road (at Route Position 61/8.96); a distance of 20.9 kilometres. Dated at Wellington this 21st day of December 1998. M. K. LAUDER, State Highway Operations Manager, Transit New Zealand.6
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14 Jan 1999

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