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Notification of Determination of the Precise Question at an Indicative Referendum Petition Pursuant to section 13 of the Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993, I hereby give notice: That Mr Frederick Richards has been approved to use, for the purposes of an indicative referendum petition, the wording determined in the paragraph below; is the promoter of the indicative referendum petition in which the wording determined in the paragraph below is to be used; has been approved to use a form for the purposes of the indicative referendum petition; and That the wording of the specific question to be put to voters in the proposed indicative referendum is ``Should Members of Parliament be elected by single transferable vote (STV) with constituency-based, multi-member electorates?'' Dated at Wellington this 15th day of May 1998. D. G. McGEE, Clerk of the House of Representatives.
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21 May 1998

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