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Notice of Restoration to the Register of Companies The Companies Act 1955 The Companies Act 1993 Take notice that the Registrar of Companies at Wellington proposes to restore the following companies to the Register of Companies: Alpha Mining Limited. Bonavista Coatings Limited. Classic Foods Limited. Europe Pacific Cables Limited. H G Manufacturing Limited. Harris Management Limited. Just Wood Limited. Karere Holdings Limited. Pacific Canneries Limited. Sliabh Coilte Limited. Times Marketing Limited. Up and Running Limited. The Registrar proposes to act, under either section 328 of the Companies Act 1993, or section 303 of the Companies Act 1955, on the grounds that the companies were still carrying on business or other reason existed for the companies to continue at the time they were removed from the Register. Objections to the restoration of any of these companies to the Register must be delivered to the District Registrar of Companies at Wellington within 20 working days of the date of publication of this notice. NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies. The address for delivery of any notice is the Registrar of Companies, Seventh Floor, Boulcott House, 47 Boulcott Street, Wellington, or post to Private Bag 5901, Lambton Quay, Wellington.
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11 Jun 1998

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