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Countrywide Banking Corporation Limited Notification That Notice has Been Given to the Reserve Bank to Remove Countrywide Bank's Name From the Register of Banks Countrywide Banking Corporation Limited (``Countrywide Bank'') is requesting that it be removed from the register of registered banks because it will amalgamate with The National Bank of New Zealand Limited (the ``National Bank'') with effect from 27 November 1998. As a result of the amalgamation: (i) both Countrywide Bank and the National Bank will become one legal entity named The National Bank of New Zealand Limited; (ii) the National Bank will succeed to all the property, rights, powers, privileges, liabilities and obligations of Countrywide Bank; (iii) the business of Countrywide Bank will continue as usual, but will be carried on through a separate trading arm of the National Bank, rather than by Countrywide Bank as a separate legal entity; (iv) all correspondence with Countrywide Bank will continue to be directed through the current channels. Countrywide Bank is required to formally notify the public that it has given notice to the Reserve Bank under section 71 (2) of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 requiring the Reserve Bank to remove the name of Countrywide Bank from the register of registered banks on 27 November 1998. Dated this 3rd day of November 1998.
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5 Nov 1998

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