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Australia New Zealand Food Authority Food Standards The Australia New Zealand Food Authority advises progress on the following matters relating to the Australian Food Standards Code. You can get further information on these matters in information papers which are available from: The Information Officer Australia New Zealand Food Authority P.O. Box 10-559 WELLINGTON 6036 Telephone: (04) 473 9942 Facsimile: (04) 473 9855 Email: Model Food Act The authority has published a discussion paper relating to the development of nationally uniform Food Acts for Australia, and is seeking public comment. At this time the review of Food Acts does not encompass a review of the New Zealand Food Act but will take into account the provisions in the New Zealand Food Act. Two papers are available from the authority, a short briefing paper and a more detailed discussion paper. Submissions should be received by the authority by 31 March 1998. Matters Before Council The authority has completed inquiries into the variations to standards prepared at full assessment of the following proposals and has recommended to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Council that the variations be adopted into the Food Standards Code: Deletion of Standard I2 (P132). A proposal to delete Standard I2 Jelly Crystals, Jelly Tablets, Jelly Cubes, Jelly Mix and Prepared Jelly from the Food Standards Code. National Uniform Food Hygiene Standards (P145). A proposal to establish the first of new uniform food hygiene standards that only apply to Australia and will not apply in New Zealand.
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5 Feb 1998

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