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Airworthiness Directives Pursuant to section 72i (3) (a) of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, and to a delegation from the Director of Civil Aviation, I, Geoffrey Neil Connor, Safety Analyst Continuing Airworthiness, hereby issue the following airworthiness directives in respect of aircraft or aeronautical products: DCA/CESS/133 DCA/CESS172/150 DCA/CESS208/7 DCA/CESS402/11A DCA/CESS414/5C DCA/CON/177 DCA/CON/178 DCA/DH82/124A DCA/ELECT/48 DCA/MU2/20 DCA/MY/26 DCA/PA31/64 DCA/PA42/3 DCA/PITTS/2A DCA/RAD/8B DCA/R22/34 DCA/R44/9 These airworthiness directives shall come into force on 13 February 1998. Details of these airworthiness directives may be viewed at Aviation House, 1 Market Grove, Lower Hutt. Dated this 10th day of February 1998. GEOFFREY N. CONNOR, Safety Analyst Continuing Airworthiness.
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12 Feb 1998

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