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Instrument of Prescription Pursuant to regulation 85 (2) of the Traffic Regulations 1976 and section 77 (ff) of the Transport Act 1962, the Group Manager, Safer Vehicles, Roads and Rail, of the Land Transport Safety Authority, prescribes the warrant of fitness label to be in the form shown in the Schedule. The label number and exact shade of colour may vary from that shown, and for any warrant of fitness issued for a year other than that shown in the diagram, the appropriate year shall appear in place of that shown. This form of warrant of fitness may be used for 12-month and 6-month warrants of fitness issued under regulation 84 of the Traffic Regulations 1976. The form of warrant of fitness prescribed by the Deputy Secretary for Transport on 1 December 1985 remains valid up to and including July 1999. Schedule Front Back TAKE IN ARTWORK Dated at Wellington this 30th day of June 1998. Dr ROB MARTYN, Group Manager, Safer Vehicles, Roads and Rail, Land Transport Safety Authority.
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2 Jul 1998

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