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Certificate of Registration In the High Court of New Zealand, Wanganui Registry In the matter of Part II of the Partnership Act 1908, and in the matter of Braemore Forest Limited and Company, being the special partnership: It is hereby certified, pursuant to section 51 of the Partnership Act 1908, that: 1. The name of the special partnership is Braemore Forest Limited and Company. 2. The names, places of residence and capital contributions of the general and special partners are set forth in the Schedule hereto. 3. The business of the partnership will be as follows: Agriculture, forestry and tree farming. 4. The principal place at which the business of the partnership will be situated at: 14 kilometres from State Highway No. 1, Hunterville. 5. The partnership commenced business on the 1st day of May 1996 and subject to the provisions in the partnership deed relating to earlier dissolution, shall terminate upon the expiry of 7 years from the date of this registration. Schedule General Partner: Braemore Forest Limited and Company, 11 Cheshire Street, Parnell, Auckland; nil capital. Special Partners: Leonard Andrew Lavas, Cornell Peter Brooks, Daniel Allen Poyntz Saunders, Peter Bradney Bould and Jennifer Helen Bould (as trustees), Timothy Grant and Sandra Mary Livingstone, Bruce James McRae (as trustee), Murray Andrew William and Jacqueline Margaret Lewis, Glen Ernst Dobler, Ian and Theresa Hyde, Peter Scott Martin, Frances Patricia Hancock, Kevin and Judy Martin (as trustees), Alan Rubin, Judith Losivale Revell, David Curtis Frame (as trustee), Stephen James and Karen-Gaye Carson, Elizabeth Anne Parker, Barbara Ward, Bryan David Connor, Simon Dean Everson, Michael James Howard and Alison Margaret Howard (as trustees), Kathryn Ann Mills, Robert Ming Yew, Meredith Henry Money, Robert James Edwards, Rene Emile and Denise Robin Van Rijn, Richard and Rosemarie Rawnsley, Derek William James Ward, Clare Ward, Vivian Ward, Kevin John Smith and Gabrielle Marie Thornton-Smith, John Vercoe Bould and Elizabeth Anne Bould, Noreen Ann Stratford, Darryn Anthony Hayes, Ian Malcolm Elliot and Jeanette Maria Sword, Marion Isobel Hardy, Wayne Hansell and Dorma Hansell (as trustees), Donald Stuart Barry and Sharon June Marraytt and Stephen Lawrance Gill (as trustees), Gary David McGregor and Paul Francis Mildon (as trustees), Kristina Joan Mary Dickens, Anthony Giles Bramwell, Robert Lionel Burnet, Philip John Smyth, Brian John and Jan Michelle Carey, Blair Maxwell Elliot, Paul John and Colleen Louise Aalbers, Mark and Fiona Darin, Lynne Maree Farrelly, Michael John Pilbro, Michael Gerard Sinkinson, Marco Hendrikus Creemers and Sue Anne Holmes, Robert Leonard Creemers and Marco Hendrikus Creemers, Michael Allan, Megan Alwyn Nelson, Susan Elizabeth Beaumont Orr, Campbell Hector Hancock, Antony Philip Broom, Charles Wylie, Jean Delfos, Clinton and Joan Frogley (as trustees), all of Auckland; Stuart Cameron Land, Steve and Yvonne Emson, Stephen Robert Mouat, Bryce Wroath Carpenter, Kathleen Maree Baigent, all of Australia; Laurie and Robina Smith of Cambridge; Adda Misley of Canada; Haydn Ivan Read of Christchurch; Anthony Richard Cook of England; Michael Voelkner of Germany; Lynne Marie Moore, Graham Bruce Lynch and Jane Kathleen Hamblyn, Eamonn Paul Walsh of Hamilton; Michael David Smith, of Hawke's Bay; Hugh Alexander Lilburn of Hunterville; Gary Russell and Bronwyn Anne Hill of Invercargill; Gary Robert Lisle of Kaukapakapa; Gregory Paul Hughes of Morrinsville; Leandert John and Colleen Susan Fluit of Napier; Deborah Joy Croft of Nelson; Annette Lilian Nixon, Clifford John and Ellen Jean Mancer, Gerald Joseph Gibbs of Palmerston North; Wayne Anthony and Julia Kim Foley of Queenstown; Linda Margaret Ponsonby of Rangiora; Ian and Linda Rogerson, Suzanne Rogerson, Robert William Turnbull of Rotorua; Timothy Scott and Kathriona Jane Hynes of Taumarunui; David William and Josephine Muriel Shaw of Tauranga; Christopher John Welch (as trustee) of Waitakere City; Darren Arthur Hill and Deanna Jewel Thomson of Waiuku; Neil Geoffrey and Vicky Rae Phillips, Somon Antony Cook, Anna Jacqueline Chandulal, Hilary Alice Taylor, Richmond John and Corinne Maria Campbell, Karen Helen Martin, Sireli L. Vakuruivalu of Wanganui; Harcourt Ian and Joanne Beverly Williams, Carolyn Dawn Tutt, Eion Malcolm Miller Johnson and Kathleen Margaret Johnson (as trustees), Paul and Androulla Kotrotsos, Sarah Angela and Murray Charles Radford, Katherine Jane and Murray Charles Radford, Jesse Blythe Cranfield, Wilhelmus Leodnardus and Kathryn Elizabeth Giesbers of Wellington; Robert Peter Shelton, Glenn Hanna of Whangarei; Wendy Elizabeth Monaghan of Whatawhata; all having contributed $8,500 capital. Gregory John Nolan, Malcolm John and Johanna Catharina Davies, Richard Stuart King, Gail Christine King, Shirley Edith Rees, Janet-Ann Coventry, Neil Wallace and Noelene Murdoch (as trustees), David and Christine Lunn (as trustees), Steven Allan and Debra Joy Fowler, all of Auckland; Frank Meyer of England; Joan Murray Stiles, Roger Clarke Stiles, all of Hamilton; Bretton Maxwell and Marjorie Werner of Hong Kong; Mervin Partridge of Tauranga; Robert Calis & Son Limited of Waimauku; Bruce William Walker of Wanganui; Philippa Rosemary Drury, Glynnis Iris Drake, all of Wellington; Richard James Bull of Whangarei; all having contributed $17,000 capital. Blue Ribbon Agencies Limited, Graham and Alice Wilson (as trustees), Adriaan Van de Wetering, Keith Francis Dignan, Adrian Gilbert (as trustee), Daniel Steinemann, all of Auckland; Brian Edward Greenlees of Wanganui; all having contributed $25,500 capital. Robert Leonard Creemers of Auckland, Julie Christine Salisbury of Australia; John Barry Coupland, Mark Andrew and Nicolette Kathleen Stephens, all of Wellington; all having contributed $34,000 capital. Sunee Pharoah, Ian Kenneth William Pharoah, all of Wellington; all having contributed $42,500 capital. Angus John Brockway Rogers of Auckland; having contributed $85,000 capital.
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11 Dec 1997

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