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Certificate of Registration In the High Court of New Zealand, Wanganui Registry In the matter of Part II of the Partnership Act 1908, and in the matter of Brockville Forest Limited and Company being the special partnership: It is hereby certified pursuant to section 51 of the Partnership Act 1908 that: 1. The name of the special partnership is Brockville Forest Limited and Company. 2. The names, places of residence and capital contributions of the general and special partners are set forth in the Schedule hereto. 3. The business of the partnership will be as follows: Agriculture, forestry and tree farming. 4. The principal place at which the business of the partnership will be situated at Parapara Road, Wanganui. 5. The partnership commenced business on the 21st day of September 1993, and subject to the provisions in the partnership deed relating to earlier dissolution shall terminate upon the expiry of 7 years from the date of this registration. Schedule General Partner: Brockville Forest Limited and Company, 11 Cheshire Street, Parnell, Auckland, nil capital. Special Partners: Josephine Kijan Ali, Michael Douglas Allan and Megan Alwyn Nelson, Asha Ravindra Bhikha, Ravindra Bhikha, Peter Eric and Carolyn Anne Brookbanks, Hugh Alan Buck, Logan Daryl Carpenter, Edward Chen, Hsueh Mei Chen, Nancy Chen, Shih-Ping Chen, Terry Chen, Kevin Joseph and Maureen Amy Covacich, Matthew John Covacich, Lloyd Chesney Cullen, Patrick Georges Ifrah and Marion Kay Ifrah as trustees, Glenda Frances DiBenedetti, David Winston Dyde, Robert James Edwards, Blair Maxwell Elliot, Neil William Farrelly, Roger Marshall Farrelly, Kenneth Stuart and Susan Elizabeth Fountain, David Curtis Frame, Clinton and Joan Frogley, Andrew Stuart Grant, Michael and Sandra Grubb, Mrs Barbara Wendy Guthrie and Mrs Ruth Barbara Meredith and Jonathan David Guthrie as trustees, Campbell Hector and Marcelline Hancock, Julie Alison Harrington and Trevor Owen Hanson, Margaret Hogan, Lyndon-Christopher Renata Hohaia and Kathryn Cherie Hohaia, Paul Hosking, Corran Shane John, Gregory Rex Keymer, Jennifer Bronwyn Keymer, Ting-Fang Ku, Ting-Ting Ku, Brad Kunin, Peter Morris Lawrence, Andrew Lee, Steven Michael and Paul Robert Levien, David Alan and Julie Ann Levin, Eric Lin, Robert Lin, Peter Scott Martin, Tristine Anne Martin, Brett Gordon and Jane Marina McGill, Steven Blair and Philip Robin McLeod, Alan Stuart Meadows, Kevin Mickleburgh and Gillian Beverley Thurlow, Kathryn Anne Mills, Peter Donald Morris and Anita June Paul, Nadine Amy Norcross, David Michael Obery, Joanne Lisa Obery, Ronald Michael and Judith Fay Obery, Terry and Helen Lesley Ottow, Michael Ian and Margaret Service, Paul Stables, Verna Yueh-O Su, Alex William Te Rangi, Kin Ming Tiang, Margaret Elaine and Graham Eric Turner, Ling Chun Wang, Denise Florence Wilson, James Lionel Wilson, Kenneth Douglas and Marion Annette Wood, all of Auckland; Bryce Wroath Carpenter of Australia; Rita Eileen Taylor of Christchurch; Dinah Mary Newman of Gisborne; Michael Arnold Ter Veer, James Shih-Wei Wan, Jennifer Shih-Chi Wan, all of Hamilton; Chloe Elisabeth Taylor, Shenae Katherine Taylor of Mount Maunganui; Eric and Rene Gervolino, Isabelle and Rene Gervolino, Nathalie and Rene Gervolino, all of New Caledonia; Gordon Hudson and Jan Russell, Mervyn Frank and Annette Lilian Nixon, all of Palmerston North; Selwyn Charles and Carmella Vera James of Pokeno; Linda Margaret Ponsonby of Rangiora; Ross Ernest and Judith Anne Crawford, Christine Margaret Newman, all of Rotorua; S.K. & R.L.M. Property Limited, Timothy Scott of Taumarunui; Sarah Elizabeth White of Taupo; Ronald Jeromson and Bronwyn Joan Johnsen of United Kingdom; Adrienne Phyllis Moller of Upper Hutt; Andrew David Cameron, Karen Helen Martin, Bruce William Walker, David Frank Wan, all of Wanganui; Eoin Malcolm Miller Johnson and Kathleen Margaret Johnson as trustees, Bruce Barton, Wilhelmus Leonardus and Kathryn Elizabeth Giesbers, Stephen James Grantham, Geoffrey John Mortlock, Glenn David Pocknall, Trudi Anne Pocknall, all of Wellington; all having contributed $7,600 capital. Peter Sinclair Chapman, Nick Chen, Judith Ann Foster, Michael David and Linda Marie Herbert, Andrew Francis Hobbs, Li Sung and Chen Chun-Hui Ku, Brian Tien-Yin Lee, Martin James Wheatcroft and Shirley Edith Rees, Robert Neville Shrubsall, Ian Elliot and Jeanette Maria Sword, Hank Walter Vlaardingerbroek, Hui Jen Wang Yang, all of Auckland; Seong-Lim San of Australia; Lambertus Embrecht Marinus Broeders, Bretton Maxwell and Marjorie Raewyn Werner, all of Hong Kong; Michael John Lynch and Margaretha Albertine Lynch-Noble of Plimmerton; Carnevale Holdings Limited of Tauranga, Alan Parekura Torohina Haronga and Christine Leslie Haronga and John Arthur Stanley Read as trustees, Cheryl Margaret Jean Hampton, Mark David O'Brien, all of Wellington; having contributed $15,200 capital. John Chang and Noi Nguk Chi, Peter William Douglas Rose as trustee, Jack Reber, all of Auckland; Stuart Cameron Lang of Tauranga; Jonathan Albert and Eira Kuttner of Waiuku; having contributed $22,800 capital. Tsun-Te Yang of Auckland; Victor Properties Limited of Tauranga; having contributed $30,400 as capital. Tony Steven and Barbara Anne Erceg, Paul C.C. Young, all of Auckland; having contributed $38,000 capital. Northwood Forest Limited of Auckland; having contributed $45,600 capital. Graeme Stewart and Vivienne Glynis Pocknall of Wellington; having contributed $60,800 capital. Wienk Industries Limited of Auckland; having contributed $91,200 capital.
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24 Jul 1997

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