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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice I hereby give notice of my intention to issue new or provisional instruments of title in place of those declared lost and described in the Schedule below upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of this publication. Schedule (Certificate of title reference unless otherwise stated; registered proprietors name; application number.) 1. 751/65; Elizabeth Myrtle Solomon; D. 207123. 2. Lease C. 114685; Bruce Arthur Beale and Gloria Anderson; D. 209434. 3. Lease 431537.2; Robert Keir Sillis and Betty Yvonne Sillis; D. 210077. 4. 17A/1458; Christina Simpson; D. 210162. 5. Lease A. 407470; Christina Simpson; D. 210162. 6. 111D/535; Nigel Ramon Smith and Vivien Joy Smith; D. 210185. 7. 754/18; William John Swann; D. 210205. 8. 70C/862; Caroline Ann Patten; D. 210819. 9. Mortgage D. 108279.3; ASB Bank Limited; D. 210819. 10. 93A/275; Brian Leonard Hills and June Hills; D. 210819. 11. Mortgage D. 108279.4; ASB Bank Limited; D. 210819. 12. Lease C. 254217.2; Gaylene Elizabeth Dyer and Robin Looker; D. 211052. 13. Lease A. 42830; Olwen June Button; D. 211073. 14. 60C/836; Housing New Zealand Limited; D. 211260. 15. 94C/560; Ian David Grant and Lois Elaine Grant; D. 211749. 16. 57D/715; Susan Joy Buckland; D. 211883. 17. Lease B. 392052.3; Susan Joy Buckland; D. 211883. 18. 61D/582; Robert Gordon Whiting and Susan Mary Whiting; D. 211381. Dated at the Auckland Land Information New Zealand Office this 7th day of November 1997. JOEL FOTU, Deputy District Land Registrar.
Publication Date
13 Nov 1997

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