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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice The certificates of title, memorandum of mortgage and memorandum of lease described in the Schedule hereto having been declared lost, notice is given of my intention to issue new certificates of title, a provisional mortgage and a provisional lease upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the New Zealand Gazette containing thisnotice. Schedule Certificates of title 21A/1287 and 46D/300 in the name of Katikati Fruitpackers Co-operative Limited and memorandum of mortgage H. 973653.11 affecting certificates of title 21A/1287 and 46D/300, whereby National Bank of New Zealand Limited is mortgagee. Application B. 428485. Certificate of title 704/345 in the name of Wharekiri Glenville Rogers. Application B. 425047. Certificate of title 11A/781 in the names of Ian Alsop, school teacher of Rotorua and Nancy Margaret Beris Alsop, his wife. Application B. 427528. Certificate of title 4B/1471 in the names of Joan Patsy McClune and Robert Mervyn John McClune. Application B. 428096. Certificate of title 41A/910 and memorandum of lease H. 788601.10, whereby Alan Archer, produce engineer and Linda Archer, sales consultant, both of Tawa, are both registered proprietors and lessees. Application B. 428763. Certificate of title 17C/624 in the name of J.L. Connolly Limited. Application B. 421562. Certificate of title 52C/14 in the name of John Anthony Cox, engineer and Annette Joan Cox, secretary, both of Hamilton. Application B. 428872. Dated at Hamilton this 30th day of July 1997. J. G. NEVERMAN, District Land Registrar.
Publication Date
7 Aug 1997

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