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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice I hereby give notice of my intention to issue new or provisional instruments of title in place of those declared lost and described in the Schedule below upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of this publication. Schedule (Certificate of title reference unless otherwise stated; registered proprietors name; application number.) 1. Mortgage C. 938312.1; ANZ Banking Group (New Zealand) Limited; D. 131814. 2. Lease 607680.3; Norma Joyce Smith; D. 136691. 3. 72D/887; Colin Frederick Peter Stringer; D. 137047. 4. 45D/915 and lease 490969.2; David George Patrick Brocklehurst; D. 140755. 5. Lease 517765.2; Margaret Adriana Maria Kragten; D. 141123. 6. 102B/463; John Peter Nairn and Pauline Therese Nairn; D. 141450. 7. 35B/217; Dwarkadas Chhima Patel and Laxmi Dwarkadas Patel; D. 142139. 8. 1351/41; Bo Qian Lan and Lu Ling Chen; D. 142427. 9. 1072/277; Leo Cummings and Elaine Cummings; D. 142635. 10. 100C/968; A life estate in the names of Margaret Stephanie Hodge and James Vincent Hodge with a reversionary estate in the name of Amanda Jane Kennedy and Frederick Huddleston; D. 142672. 11. Lease 239161.6; Margaret Louise Brewer; D. 142706. 12. 54C/1080; Joanna Frances Olsen; D. 1412781. 13. 108B/651; Gordon Jack Woods and Barbara Shirley Woods; D. 142802. 14. 464/259 and 1169/86; Mamahu McCausland and Jill Elaine McCausland; D. 143106. 15. 12A/961; Ronald David Fraser and Josephine Patricia Fraser; D. 143548. 16. Lease 251591.2; Winifred Barbara Brewer; D. 143549. 17. Lease B. 129531.1; Howard Glynn Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Anderson; D. 144567. 18. Lease 456984.1; Peniamina Faamausili and Elizabeth Ngatupuna Faamausili; D. 144812. 19. Lease 894021.1; Mellodie Faye Wade; D. 144813. 20. Lease 546161.1; Valerie May Morris; D. 144814. 21. Lease B. 873917.2; John Ross McMahon and Kim Lauren McQuarrie; D. 145153. 22. Lease 253613.2; Mark Geard and June Elsie Geard; D. 136361. 23. 8C/919; Trevor Edgar Tabron and Gillian Hood Tabron; D. 143373. 24. 420/126; David Seymour Seal and Robin Hartley Seal; D. 143526. 25. 2D/1364; Huia Kake; D. 144490. 26. 98D/158; Jennifer Ann Osborn and Michael Harvey Osborn; D. 144687. 27. 4A/342; Her Majesty the Queen; D. 144494. Dated at the Auckland Land Information New Zealand this 21st day of May 1997. J. T. M. FOTU, Deputy District Land Registrar.
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29 May 1997

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