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Stopped Road to be Amalgamated State Highway No. 5, Glengarry Elands Realignment, Hastings District Pursuant to section 117 (3) of the Public Works Act 1981, and to a delegation from the Minister of Lands, the Team Member, Crown Property Services, Land Information New Zealand, Napier, declares the stopped road described in the Schedule to be amalgamated with the land in certificate of title A3/783, subject to the restriction on tree planting and erection of structures contained in Gazette notice of even date herewith and subject to mortgage 630554.3 and subject to the reservation in favour of the Crown, the right of way easement contained in the Second Schedule. First Schedule Hawke's Bay Land District Area m Being 2269 Section 18, S.O. 10746. Second Schedule Hawke's Bay Land District A right of way easement in gross in favour of the Crown over area ``E4'' on S.O. 10746 on the terms and conditions set out in the Seventh Schedule of the Land Transfer Act 1952, modified as follows: 1. The right shall be exercised on behalf of the Crown by employees and contractors of Transit New Zealand or any local authority that has responsibility for State Highway 5 for the purposes only of access to the maintenance of the culverts and rock-rip structure associated with State Highway 5. 2. The Crown shall repair any fences or other damage to the land incurred in the exercise of the right of way. S.O. 10746 is held in the office of the Chief Surveyor at Napier. Dated at Napier this 29th day of October 1997. W. S. SMITH, Team Member, Crown Property Services. (LINZ Na. D.O. 5350-C/8066-50)1CL
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13 Nov 1997

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