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1998 Tariff Review The Government announced in the Budget its intention to remove all remaining tariffs well before the year 2010. The rate at which tariffs should be further reduced is now to be the subject of a Tariff Review. In the course of this review the Government will be seeking advice on the implications of differing rates of tariff reduction for consumers, overall economic welfare, the manufacturing sector, employment and exporters. Issues to be considered are whether there are any reasons for different rates of tariff reduction for specific manufacturing sectors, and measures which might reduce costs and/or remove impediments to competitiveness. The closing date for initial submissions in the tariff review is 31 October 1997. There will then be scope for meetings, as required, with individuals or groups of manufacturers and others with an interest in the issue. The consultative process must be completed by 31 March 1998 to enable the Minister of Commerce to meet the deadline for reporting to Cabinet of 31 May 1998. Requests for copies of the terms of reference for the review, together with any inquiries concerning administrative arrangements, should be directed to: David Harcourt, Senior Adviser (Tariff Policy). Telephone: (04) 474 2620. Facsimile: (09) 499 3670. Or: Graham Webb, Senior Adviser (Tariff Policy). Telephone: (04) 474 2676. Facsimile: (09) 471 2658.
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11 Sep 1997

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