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United Wheatgrowers (NZ) Limited Commodity Levies (Wheat Grain) Order 1997 Levy for United Wheatgrowers (NZ) Limited Pursuant to section 3 of the Commodity Levies (Wheat Grain) Order 1997, a levy has been imposed on and shall be payable by the producers of any wheat grain grown in New Zealand for sale or processing. In accordance with section 11 (1) of the order, United Wheatgrowers have determined the rate of levy to be $2:10 per tonne (G.S.T. exclusive). In accordance with section 11 (3) of the order, the period that this levy rate shall apply is 1 January 1998 to 31 January 1998 (both dates inclusive). Dated this 24th day of November 1997. B. McMILLAN, Executive Officer, United Wheatgrowers (NZ) Limited.
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27 Nov 1997

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