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Australia New Zealand Food Authority Food Standards The Australia New Zealand Food Authority advises progress on the following matters relating to the Australian Food Standards Code. You can get further information on each of these matters in information papers which are available from: The Information Officer Australia New Zealand Food Authority P.O. Box 10-559 WELLINGTON 6036 Telephone: (04) 473 9942 Facsimile: (04) 473 9855 Email: Matters at Full Assessment The authority has developed the following proposal, made a preliminary assessment, and will now make full assessment of it: Health and related claims (P153). A proposal to review clause A1 (19) of the Australian Food Standards Code which currently prohibits claims in food labels and in advertisements that a food has therapeutic or prophylactic action, use of the word ``health'' as part of the name of a food, advice of a medical nature, and reference to any disease or physiological condition. Therapeutic claims on foods are also regulated in New Zealand by the Medicines Act, and the authority will consult with relevant New Zealand authorities during the assessment of this proposal. You are invited to present written submissions to the authority on matters relevant to this proposal, including the potential regulatory impact on consumers, industry and government, by 31 October 1997. The information paper on this matter provides further information, including advice on the authority's policy regarding submissions. Matters Before Council The authority has completed inquiries into the variations to standards prepared at full assessment of the following applications and proposal and has made recommendations to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Council that the variations be adopted into the Australian Food Standards Code: Colours in fats and oils (A300). An application from Goodman Fielder Limited to permit the addition of certain natural colourings and their synthetic equivalents to fats and oils. Partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil as a base for artificial sweeteners (A312). An application from Searle Australia, a division of Monsanto Australia Limited, for the approval of a partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil as a base in clause 3 (b) of Standard A8Artificial Sweetening Substances. Extend the use of erythorbic acid (A318). An application from Cultor Food Science Pty Limited to extend the use of the antioxidant erythorbic acid and its sodium salt, to minimally processed fruits and vegetables and in processed fruit and vegetable products. Maximum permitted concentrations of cadmium (P144). A proposal to incorporate revised maximum permitted concentrations of cadmium in food. (The council has agreed to the authority's recommendation on this proposal, with amendment). Omnibus of amendments (P151). A proposal to correct minor inconsistencies, clarify the intent of clauses and update references to certain specifications in the Australian Food Standards Code.
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28 Aug 1997

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