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Approval of Child Restraints for Use in Motor Vehicles Pursuant to section 77b of the Transport Act, and pursuant to powers delegated to me by the Director of Land Transport Safety by an instrument of delegation dated 13 May 1996, I, John Andrew Justice, Manager Safer Vehicles, hereby approve child restraints described in the Schedule hereto for the purposes of section 77c of the Transport Act and for the purposes of regulations 30 and 30a of the Traffic Regulations 1976. Schedule Child restrains that: (1) comply with AS/NZS 1754:1991 or AS/NZS 1754:1995, and are labelled or otherwise marked in accordance with the requirements of the respective Standard; and (2) are manufactured under a certification mark license issued by Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand. Signed at Wellington this 20th day of November 1996. JOHN ANDREW JUSTICE, Manager Safer Vehicles.
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30 Jan 1997

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