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Amendment to Open Season for Game in Fish and Game Regions, North Island and South Island Pursuant to section 72 (3a) of the Wildlife Act 1953, I, Nick Smith, Minister of Conservation, hereby amend the Open Season for Game in Fish and Game Regions, North and South Island, Gazette Notice Supplement to the New Zealand Gazette, Monday, 14 April 1997, Issue No. 33, pages 803827, by: (a) Revoking paragraph one of page 804 and substituting the following paragraph: ``The Minister of Conservation declares an open season for game in the Fish and Game Regions, subject to the forms and classes, scope and effect and availability of licences to hunt or kill game, and the fees payable for those licences as set out in the Third Schedule hereto and subject to the conditions specified in the Second Schedule of this notice, except in the closed game areas published in the supplement to the New Zealand Gazette of 28 March 1985, and later.'' (b) Revoking the first and second paragraphs of the Third Schedule; and (c) Amend the Third Schedule by adding the following paragraph: ``Game licences shall be in the following form. They will have the region of issue included and the class of licence shall be marked in the appropriate box. TAKE IN TWO CREDIT CARD SIZE LICENCES TO BE INSERTED HERE Explanatory Note: These fees have been set to recover the anticipated costs of the management of the sports fish and game resource by Fish and Game New Zealand for the 1997/98 season. Approved at Wellington this 3rd day of September 1997. Hon. Dr NICK SMITH, Minister of Conservation.
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18 Sep 1997

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