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Summary of Exemptions Granted by the Director of Civil Aviation Pursuant to section 37 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, notification is hereby given of a summary of exemptions, set out in the Schedule hereto, granted by the Director of Civil Aviation. Schedule In addition to the exemptions listed in the New Zealand Gazette: 1995, No. 3, pages 150 and 151; 1996, No. 65, pages 1638, 1639 and 1640, No. 70, page 1761, No. 139, page 3354; 1997, No. 1, page 54, No. 56, pages 1321 and 1322, No. 66, page 1572, No. 70, page 1700. The following have also been granted: Docket 98/EXE/9, on 1 August 1997 to each person operating an aircraft that has a passenger configuration, excluding any flight crew seat, of 19. From CAR 91.115 (a) (1). To exempt them from the requirement that no persons shall operate an aircraft carrying more than 19 passengers but less than 51 passengers unless at least one flight attendant is carried, providing the only passengers carried in excess of 19 are children of less than 4 years of age who are held by an adult who is occupying a seat and the total number of passengers being carried on the aircraft does not exceed 24. Dated 1 August 1997. This exemption shall apply until 1 April 1999, unless withdrawn earlier by the director. Docket 98/EXE/13, on 8 August 1977 to Airwork (NZ) Limited pilots Gregory Boyce Barrow, Alan Warren Deal, Ian Lindsay Johnston and Spencer Carlyle Putwain. To exempt them from the requirement of CAR 61.05 (a) (1) that no person shall act as a pilot of a New Zealand registered aircraft within New Zealand unless that person holds an appropriate current licence issued by the director. Specifically, this exemption shall apply when any of these pilots are acting as pilot-in-command of the BK 117 helicopter which, when operating for hire or reward, requires, pursuant to CAR 61.255 (2), the pilot-in-command to hold a current airline transport pilot licence. Provided that, no operations may be carried out for hire or reward by these pilots except air ambulance and rescue operations on behalf of Airwork (NZ) Limited. Dated 8 August 1997. The grant, or denial, of exemptions is also published in the Civil Aviation Rules Register Information Leaflet (CARRIL), a 6-weekly publication of the Civil Aviation Authority. Exemption Dockets may be viewed on prior request to the Registrar at the office of the Civil Aviation Authority at 1 Market Grove (P.O. Box 31-441), Lower Hutt. Dated at Wellington on this 12th day of August 1997. HILARY M. KEENAN, Docket Clerk.
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21 Aug 1997

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