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Exemption From Specified Requirements of the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990 Pursuant to regulation 36 of the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990, I, Victor Ian Everiss, Vehicle Compliance Officer, hereby exempt the motor vehicle specified in Schedule 1 of this notice from the requirements of the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990 listed in Schedule 2, subject to the conditions specified in Schedule 3 of this notice. Schedule 1 Vehicle Details Make: Toyota Model: Corolla Year: 1990 Chassis No: AE92 - 9832509 Schedule 2 Exempted requirements Regulation 27: Windscreen wipe and wash Regulation 34 (1), (3): Interior fittings Schedule 3 Conditions (i) A copy of this notice must be carried in the vehicle at all times and be readily available for inspection. (ii) This exemption may be revoked at any time. (iii) The items in Schedule 2 must be in good condition and must not be modified in any way. Signed at Auckland this 30th day of July 1997. V. I. EVERISS, Vehicle Compliance Officer (acting under authority delegated to me by way of instrument of delegation dated 23 December 1996).
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7 Aug 1997

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