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Appointment/Release of Receivers & Managers
Lycoming Holdings Limited Public Notice of Appointment of Receiver The Receiverships Act 1993 I, Thomas Lee Rodewald, chartered accountant of Te Puke, give notice that on the 28th day of November 1997, I was appointed receiver of the property of Lycoming Holdings Limited, under the powers contained in a debenture dated the 24th day of October 1996, granted by the company in favour of Midland Pacific Equities Limited, which property consists of all freehold and leasehold land, fixed plant and machinery, patents trade names, unpaid and uncalled capital and goodwill and all other assets. Notice of Ceasing to Act as Receiver On the 28th day of November 1997, Thomas Lee Rodewald gives notice that he ceased to act as receiver. Officer for Inquiries: Nola Morgan. Dated this 1st day of December 1997. T. L. RODEWALD, Receiver. Office of the Receiver: Care of Tom Rodewald & Associates, corner of Jocelyn and Queen Streets, Te Puke (P.O. Box 591, Te Puke). Telephone: (07) 573 6022. Facsimile: (07) 573 6906.
Publication Date
4 Dec 1997

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