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East Coast Trustee Company Limited Bill Notice of Intention to Promote a Private Bill Notice is hereby given that East Coast Trustee Company Limited, a company established as a body corporate under the Companies Act 1955 (called ``the promoter'') intends to promote a private Bill under the short title of the ``East Coast Trustee Company Limited Act 1996''. The objects of which are: (a) To act as executor, administrator and provide services as permanent trustees of the estates of deceased persons. (b) To be a trustee company under the Trustee Companies Act 1967. The general aim of the Bill is to extend the range of trustee practise of the company so that it is able, through its directors, who are partners in a firm of barristers and solicitors carrying on an extensive practice in relation to trusts and estate administration in the Hawke's Bay and East Coast areas, providing services as executors, administrators and trustees in their capacities as partners in that firm, to the provision of permanent trustee services. The promoter of the Bill is East Coast Trustee Company Limited. Communications or notices to the promoter may be sent to its solicitors, McKay Hill, Station Street, Napier. A copy of the Bill may be inspected in accordance with Standing Order 273 of the House of Representatives during office hours at: (i) The District Court, Hastings Street, Napier. (ii) The office of McKay Hill, Station Street, Napier. East Coast Trustee Company Limited, by its solicitors, McKay Hill, per: G. G. McKAY.
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13 Jun 1996

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