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Notice of Entry into Possession of Mortgaged Property In the matter of section 104dd of the Property Law Act 1952, and in the matter of memorandum of mortgage No. B. 240117.3 (South Auckland Registry) from Ingram Industries Limited (mortgagor) to Cemac Waikato Limited (mortgagee): Notice is given as follows: 1. On 15 January 1996, Cemac Waikato Limited, the mortgagee under mortgage No. 240117.3, entered into the mortgaged property. 2. The address of the mortgagee is 543 Te Rapa Road (P.O. Box 9352), Hamilton. 3. The description of the mortgaged property is all that parcel of land containing 1.4660 hectares, more or less, being Lot 1 on Deposited Plan S. 75229 and being all of the land comprised in certificate of title 56A/26 in the South Auckland Land Registry. Dated the 15th day of January 1996. Cemac Waikato Limited, by its solicitors and duly authorised agents, Evans Bailey Fletcher Gibson, per: G. D. G. BAILEY.
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25 Jan 1996

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