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Meetings/Last Dates for Debts & Claims
Notice of Meeting In the matter of the Companies Act 1955, and in the matter of Venison New Zealand Co-Operative Limited (in liquidation) (``the company''): Take notice that a meeting of the creditors in the above matter company will be held at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Eighth Floor, Deloitte House, 61 Molesworth Street, Wellington on the 12th day of December 1996 at 11.00 o'clock in the forenoon. Business: To consider, and if agreed, approve resolutions intended to resolve the competing claims of: the company to subrogation to security over the assets of Venison New Zealand Marketing Limited (in liquidation) (``VNZM''); and VNZM to pooling of assets with the company, pursuant to section 315B of the Companies Act 1955 (pre 1993 amendments); by the company relinquishing its claim in return for VNZM relinquishing its claim. To seek the sanction of the Court to matters, compromises and settlements agreed. Dated this 19th day of November 1996. D. L. FRANCIS, Joint Liquidator.
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28 Nov 1996

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