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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice I hereby give notice of an application for the issue of a certificate of title to the below-named applicants, pursuant to section 19 of the Land Transfer Act 1952, for the land described below, such certificate of title may be issued unless caveat forbidding the same is lodged on or before 29 February 1996. Application 5736 by John Gray Williams, secretary of Wanganui and Carol Myra Williams, his wife and Leslie John Aplin, plasterer of Wanganui and Lynda Aplin, his wife, for a fee simple estate in 1409 square metres, more or less, situate in the Wanganui District, being part of Section 233, Right Bank Wanganui River, and being the part that is not comprised in any certificate of title of Lot 1 on a plan lodged for deposit under No. 77140. Dated at the Wellington Land Titles Office this 18th day of December 1995. W. R. MOYES, District Land Registrar.
Publication Date
11 Jan 1996

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