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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice The certificates of title and memorandum of lease described in the Schedule hereto, having been declared lost, notice is given of my intention to issue new certificates of title and a provisional lease upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the New Zealand Gazette containing this notice. Schedule Memorandum of lease H. 958665.2 affecting the land in certificate of title 46B/424 whereby John Charles Young, chiropodist of Whakatane and Earlene Ivy Young, his wife, are both the registered proprietors and lessees. Application B. 333647. Certificate of title 1749/20 in the name of Alice Gloria McLaughlin, mother of Taupo. Application B. 331690. Certificate of title 2018/13 in the names of Allan Campbell Edge, retired and Winifred Irene Myrtle Edge, married woman, both of Rotorua. Application B. 333834. Dated at Hamilton this 10th day of April 1996. M. J. MILLER, District Land Registrar.
Publication Date
18 Apr 1996

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