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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice The instruments of title described in the Schedule hereto having been declared lost, notice is hereby given of my intention to replace the same by the issue of new or provisional instruments upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the New Zealand Gazette containing this notice. Notice Memorandum of encumbrance B. 193428.1 affecting the land in certificate of title 51D/1345 whereby The North Shore City Council is the encumbrancee. Application C. 922881.1. Certificate of title 815/33 in the name of Valmai Yvonne Dickeson, farmer of Buckland. Application C. 928259.1. Certificates of title 15C/461462 in the name of Heather Macford, married woman of Auckland. Application C. 932268.1. Certificate of title 24D/729 in the names of Victor Norman Gray Jamieson, engineer of Saint Heliers and Juliet Ann Jamieson, his wife. Application C. 929080.1. Certificate of title 50C/337 in the name of Horima Warena Matene II m. Application C. 933552.1. Certificate of title 81D/378 in the names of Junior Tangata Murare, worker and Moeroa Murare, his wife, both of Auckland. Application C. 933089.1. Certificate of title 55B/745 in the names of John Alexander Stewart, truck driver and Valerie Heather Stewart, his wife, both of Auckland. Application C. 933139.1. Certificates of title 30B/1494 and 31D/61 in the names of the proprietors of Matauri X. Application C. 933431.1. Certificate of title 37B/1149 in the name of Elaine Margaret Tabor, clerk of Auckland. Application C. 933915.1. Memorandum of lease A. 396080 affecting the land in certificate of title 17B/658 whereby Inez Isabel Light, retired of Auckland, is the lessee. Application C. 935330.1. Memorandum of lease B. 548356.2 affecting the land in certificate of title 90D/949 whereby Sarah Witters, homemaker of Auckland, is the lessee. Application C. 934583.1. Certificate of title 88A/111 in the names of John Gordon Spooner, company director of Auckland and Robyn Florence Spooner, his wife and memorandum of lease C. 377566.1 affecting the above land whereby John Gordon Spooner and Robyn Florence Spooner, are the lessees. Application C. 931198.2. Dated this 20th day of December 1995 at the Land Titles Office at Auckland. E. P. O'CONNOR, District Land Registrar.
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11 Jan 1996

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