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Declaration That Esplanade Reserves Shall Cease to be Vested in and Administered by Territorial Authority But Shall Vest in the Crown and Classification of Reserves Pursuant to section 237d (1) of the Resource Management Act 1991, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the Regional Conservator, Department of Conservation, Otago Conservancy, with the prior written agreement of the territorial authority, declares that the esplanade reserves described in the Schedule shall cease to be vested in and administered by the territorial authority but instead shall vest in the Crown and further declares that the reserves so vested in the Crown shall have the classification of scenic reserves, subject to the provisions of section 19 (1) (a) of the Reserves Act 1977. Schedule Otago Land District Dunedin City 2.90 hectares, more or less, being Lots 3 and 4, D.P. 23242, Block II, Dunedin and East Taieri Survey District. All C.T. 15D/869. 2.50 hectares, more or less, being Lot 2, D.P. 22179, Block I, Dunedin and East Taieri Survey District. No certificate of title. Dated at Dunedin this 5th day of November 1996. J. E. CONNELL, Regional Conservator. (DOC SCE 61 : I 44/2.2, 3.2)1CL
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14 Nov 1996

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