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The Electoral Rolls (Revision) Notice 1996 Pursuant to section 83 (3) of the Electoral Act 1993, the Minister of Justice hereby gives the following notice. N o t i c e 1. Title and commencement (1) This notice may be cited as the Electoral Rolls (Revision) Notice 1996. (2) This notice shall come into force on the day after the date of its publication in the Gazette. 2. Period for revision of electoral rolls During the period beginning on the 22nd day of April 1996 and ending with the close of the 21st day of June 1996, every Registrar shall, pursuant to section 83 (1) of the Electoral Act 1993, direct an inquiry to be made concerning the particulars of all persons whose names are on the roll for the district. Dated at Wellington this 26th day of February 1996. D. A. M. GRAHAM, Minister of Justice.
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29 Feb 1996

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