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Direction on Export Certification Amendment No. 1 This amendment to the ``Direction on Export Certification'' is made by the New Zealand Wool Board (``the board'') pursuant to its authority contained in section 21 (1) of the Wool Industry Act 1977 (the ``Act''). The board hereby directs that with effect immediately, the paragraph entitled ``Compliance Option'' of the Direction on Export Certification shall be amended by revoking the paragraph entitled ``Compliance Option'' and by substituting the following heading and paragraph. Compliance Options The measurement of fibre diameter by either: (a) Sirolan-Laserscan (IWTO-12) or (b) OFDA (IWTO-47) will be acceptable as an alternative to mean fibre diameter by airflow (IWTO-28) for scoured, greasy and slipe wool. The measurement of colour to NZS8707 will be acceptable as an alternative to IWTO (E)-14. Dated this 4th day of December 1996. B. C. MUNRO, Director, New Zealand Wool Board.
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12 Dec 1996

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