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Australia New Zealand Food Authority Food Standards The following notice is made, pursuant to the Australia New Zealand Food Authority Act 1991. All correspondence, including requests for further information on the matter detailed below, should be forwarded to the following: Standards Liaison Officer Australia New Zealand Food Authority P.O. Box 7186 CANBERRA MAIL CENTRE ACT 2610 AUSTRALIA Tel: (00 61 06) 271 2219 Fax: (00 61 06) 271 2278 or Standards Liaison Officer, Australia New Zealand Food Authority P.O. Box 10-559 The Terrace WELLINGTON 6036 NEW ZEALAND Tel: (04) 473 9942 Fax: (04) 473 9855 Notice Pursuant to Section 24 Inquiry into Transitional Arrangements for the Australia New Zealand Food Standards System In June 1996, the then National Food Authority undertook a full assessment of proposal P137 under section 23 of the National Food Authority Act 1991 (the Act) and prepared a new standard, Standard T1, to implement the transitional arrangements contained in the agreement between Australia and New Zealand establishing a system for the development of joint food standards. On 19 June 1996, the authority published a notice indicating that it had decided, under section 37 of the Act, to omit to publish a notice seeking submissions in relation to the draft Standard T1. In that notice the authority stated that it had recommended that the National Food Standards Council adopt Standard T1 as a matter of urgency, in order to avoid comprising the objectives set out in section 10, and in particular the promotion of fair trade in food and the promotion of trade and commerce in the food industry. On 19 June 1996, the then National Food Standards Council adopted Standard T1 without the authority holding an inquiry. Under sections 37 of the Act, the authority must hold an inquiry into the draft variation as soon as practicable after the council has adopted the draft variation. The authority is now conducting an inquiry into the draft variations, namely Standard T1. The transitional arrangements contained in Standard T1 mean that foods imported from New Zealand, which comply with the New Zealand Food Regulations 1984, can be sold in Australia, provided they meet Australian requirements relating to residues of agricultural and veterinary chemicals and with Australian requirements relating to maximum levels of the metal cadmium. These arrangements entered into force from 1 July 1996. Standard T1 also contains some temporary provisions intended to ensure Australian industry is not disadvantaged by the transitional arrangements pending the development of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. These temporary provisions are being reviewed as part of the inquiry. The authority invites written submissions containing technical or other relevant information which will assist the authority in undertaking the inquiry from interested individuals and organisations by 23 October 1996.
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3 Oct 1996

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