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Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From the Register I intend to remove the under-mentioned companies from the Register under either section 293 of the Companies Act 1955 or section 318 of the Companies Act 1993, as applicable. I am satisfied that companies have ceased to carry on business and there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence. Written objections to the companies removal, specifying the grounds relied on, can be made under either section 296 of the Companies Act 1955 or section 321 of the Companies Act 1993. These must be delivered to the District Registrar of Companies at Dunedin within 20 working days of the date of this notice. ASHBRIDGE HOLDINGS LIMITED DN. 636885. BEANO'S PIE COMPANY LIMITED DN. 681095. BRIAN PERKINS LIMITED DN. 148965. CITYLINK SHUTTLE SERVICES LIMITED DN. 669995. CLINTON SALEYARDS CO 1996 LIMITED DN. 147155. CLOUGHS JEWELLERS LIMITED DN. 382765. DE WITS INVESTMENTS LIMITED DN. 552885. DECORWOOL WALLCOVERINGS LIMITED DN. 150355. DOWNLITE MANUFACTURING CO LIMITED DN. 150252. H J & L E WARDELL LIMITED DN. 145645. HOUSE OF PETS LIMITED DN. 149135. M S MCCORKINDALE LIMITED DN. 144452. MAGORIAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED DN. 446435. MORRIS MOTORS LIMITED DN. 150985. OMAKAU SHEARING LIMITED DN. 608795. P. D. TOVELL-SOUNDY LIMITED DN. 149675. SHELF LEDGE NO 12 LIMITED DN. 360495. SHELF LEDGE NO 53 LIMITED DN. 560485. SOUTHERN REPOSSESSION & DEBT COLLECTION LIMITED DN. 544285. STEWART CURTIS PROPERTIES LIMITED DN. 150845. TRANS TASMAN FREIGHT LIMITED DN. 549285. TRAVEL WRIGHT SERVICES LIMITED DN. 147415. WANAKA HANGARS LIMITED DN. 411515. Dated at Dunedin this 30th day of August 1996. Contact Officer for Inquiries: Bronwyn Child, Commercial Affairs Division, Private Bag 1927, Dunedin. Telephone: (03) 479 2371. Facsimile: (03) 479 0762. NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.
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12 Sep 1996

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