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Charitable Trusts
Dissolution of Charitable Trusts The charitable trusts listed below are no longer carrying on operations and have been dissolved under section 26 of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 on the 14th day of November 1996: HAURAKI PLAINS CHURCH OF ENGLAND TRUST BOARD HN. C.T. 210943. PEACHGROVE COMMUNITY CENTRE HN. C.T. 211009. GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH INDEPENDENT HN. C.T. 211097. WINIFRED SKINNER TRUST HN. C.T. 252724. CAMARO EMPLOYMENT TRUST HN. C.T. 264898. DOREAN MINISTRIES TRUST HN. C.T. 303274. KAWERAU ROTARY K.C.A. YOUTH TRUST HN. C.T. 307118. TE WHARE-O-MAHI WORK TRUST HN. C.T. 307190. LUIS PALAU WAIKATO MISSION HN. C.T. 320550. THE SOLIDARITY TRUST HN. C.T. 349590. WHAKAUE TRUST HN. C.T. 370045. WHAKAREWAREWA VILLAGE CHARITABLE TRUST HN. C.T. 429788. WHAKATANE MORTUARY OF SCIENCE HN. C.T. 450926. NGATI HAMUTANA TRUST HN. C.T. 453546. THE ENTERPRISE CAMBRIDGE TRUST HN. C.T. 457838. DISABILITY SUPPORT TRUST HN. C.T. 485833. THE CASEY HARM TRUST BOARD HN. C.T. 557924. THE HAMILTON FOUNDATION HN. C.T. 421576. TIMOTHY JOSEPH MILLER, Assistant Registrar of Incorporated Societies.
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21 Nov 1996

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