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The Traffic (Whangarei District) Notice No. 4, 1996 Pursuant to section 52 (1) (c) of the Transport Act 1962, and to a delegation from the Minister of Transport dated 31 August 1990, I, Grant Stewart Ellis Milne, Secretary for Transport, give the following notice: N o t i c e (1) This notice may be cited as the Traffic (Whangarei District) Notice No. 4, 1996. (2) The roads and section of road specified in the First Schedule are declared to be closely populated localities at all times for the purposes of section 52 (1) (c) of the Transport Act 1962. First Schedule SITUATED within Whangarei District at Whangaruru North: Whangaruru North Road: from a point 100 metres measured westerly generally along said road from Whakaturia Avenue to a point on said road 750 metres measured easterly generally from Ngatiwai Place. Whakaturia Avenue. Logan Nick Place. Ngatiwai Place. Signed at Wellington this 3rd day of October 1996. G. S. E. MILNE, Secretary for Transport. (RT01/3/3 Whangarei District)
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10 Oct 1996

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