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using State Highway No. 94 (Milford Road)"> Bylaw Requiring Snow Chains to be Carried by Vehicles Using State Highway No. 94 (Milford Road) Pursuant to section 61 (3) of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989, Transit New Zealand hereby makes the following bylaw: B y l a w 1. This bylaw may be cited as the Transit New Zealand (Milford Road Chains) Bylaw 1996/19. 2. That this bylaw shall come into force on the day after the date of its publication in the New Zealand Gazette. 3. Interpretation In this bylaw: ``Vehicle'' has the same meaning as in the Transport Act 1962. ``Chains'' means two separate lengths of chain (commonly referred to as snow chains) which are designed and are able to be fitted over the wheels of a vehicle providing drive on the road surface thereby increasing the vehicle's traction in ice and snow. 4. This bylaw shall apply to that part of State Highway No. 94 between the Lower Hollyford Road (RP 212/15.88) and Milford Sound (RP 241/16.55) being part of the State highway known as Milford Road. 5. Between the 1st day of May and 30th day of November in each year no vehicle shall be driven on the said portion of State Highway No. 94 past any sign erected on or adjacent to the highway which stipulates either: (i) that ``chains must be carried'' unless the vehicle is carrying a set of chains which can be conveniently fitted to the driving wheels of the vehicle, or (ii) that ``chains must be fitted'' unless a set of chains has been fitted to the driving wheels of the vehicle. 6. Nothing in this bylaw shall apply to any vehicle on the said State highway being used by a contractor appointed by Transit New Zealand and undertaking maintenance duties on the State highway. This bylaw was made by resolution passed at a meeting of Transit New Zealand held in Wellington on the 5th day of June 1996. Dated at Wellington this 1st day of July 1996. J. H. van BARNEVELD, National State Highway Manager, Transit New Zealand.6
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4 Jul 1996

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