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The Water Recreation (Dunsandel) Notice 1996 I, Thomas Edwin Law, Senior Advisory Officer (Harbours Management), pursuant to the Water Recreation Regulations 1979*, and in exercise of powers delegated to me, pursuant to section 257a of the Harbours Act 1950 and section 443 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994, hereby give the following notice: N o t i c e 1. (a) This notice may be cited as the Water Recreation (Dunsandel) Notice 1996. (b) This notice shall come into force 14 days after publication in the New Zealand Gazette and shall remain in force until revoked by further notice in the New Zealand Gazette. 2. Subject to the conditions set forth in the Second Schedule hereto, regulations 7 (1) (a), 7 (1) (b) and 7 (2) and 8(1) (a), 8 (1) (b) and 8 (2) of the Water Recreation Regulations 1979, shall not apply to the area specified in the First Schedule. First Schedule All that area of the water being the man-made lake in the Frazers Road, Dunsandel area on Lot 1, D.P. 62913, Section 6, Reserve 1762, Block XII, Selwyn Survey District. Second Schedule 1. All persons in charge of a vessel shall adhere to and keep the provisions of all Acts and regulations not specifically exempted by this notice. Dated at Wellington this 20th day of May 1996. T. E. LAW, Senior Advisory Officer (Harbours Management). * Water Recreation Regulations 1979/30.
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6 Jun 1996

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