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IMPORTANT --- READ BELOW ******************************************************** [XI] Bills Assented To Note: The title of the Act is shown in italics where this differs from the Bill. [qp] Government Bills Assent No. 30 March 1995 Customs Amendment Bill (No. 3) 7 Customs Amendment Act 1995 Disputes Tribunals Amendment Bill 8 Forestry Rights Registration Amendment Bill (No. 2) 9 Forestry Rights Registration Amendment Act 1995 Forests Amendment Bill (No. 2) 10 Forests Amendment Act 1995 Land Transfer Amendment Bill (No. 3) 11 Land Transfer Act 1995 Law Practitioners Amendment Bill (No. 2) 12 Law Practitioners Amendment Act 1995 Newspapers and Printers Act Repeal Bill 13 Private Investigators and Security Guards Amendment Bill 14 Property Law Amendment Bill (No. 2) 15 Property Law Amendment Act 1995 31 March 1995 Births, Deaths, and Marriages Registration Bill 16 Income Tax Act 1976 Amendment Bill 17 Income Tax Act 1994 Amendment Bill 18 [xt] Summary of Bills Presented Government Bills Residential Tenancies Amendment Amends the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, to give effect to the following: Extends the Act to: [ix]long-term fixed tenancies exceeding 5 years (unless the parties contract out);[riix] [ix]residents of boarding houses, hotels and motels who do not occupy on a temporary or transient basis; Aligns the provisions relating to unlawful discrimination with the Human Rights Act; Written tenancy agreements to become compulsory; Landlords entitled to charge for metered water to premises; Amends the power of the Tenancy Tribunal and the provisions of the Tenancy Adjudicators; Redefines Mediator's responsibilities; and Clarifies that matters relating to government policy or international conventions are excluded from the Tenancy Tribunal's jurisdiction. (Hon. Murray McCully, Referred to the Commerce Committee). Department of Justice (Restructuring) Provides for the restructuring of the Department of Justice. That Department is to be replaced by (a) A Ministry of Justice (which is to be established on 1 October 1995): (b) A Department for Courts (which is to be established on 1 July 1995): (c) A Department of Corrections (which is to be established on 1 October 1995). In addition a large number of Acts presently administered by the Department of Justice are to be administered by the Ministry of Commerce. (Hon. D. A. M. Graham, Referred to the Government Administration Committee).
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6 Apr 1995

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