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MacKenzie Realty Limited, Auckland Fence & Gate Limited, Huxtable Trading Limited and Magic Management Limited Notice of Restoration to the Register of Companies The Companies Act 1955 Take notice that the Registrar of Companies at Auckland proposes to restore the companies: MacKenzie Realty Limited (AK. 534022) Auckland Fence & Gate Limited (AK. 395618) Huxtable Trading Limited (AK. 493528) Magic Management Limited (AK. 581250) to the Register of Companies. The Registrar proposes to act, under section 303 (1) (b) of the Companies Act 1955, on the grounds that the companies were subject to legal action at the time they were removed from the Register. Any person who objects to the restoration of any of these companies to the Register must deliver notice of that objection to the Registrar on or before 11 May 1995. Dated at Auckland this 4th day of April 1995. NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies. The address for delivery of any notice is the Registrar of Companies, Fifth Floor, Justice Departmental Building, 3 Kingston Street, Auckland 1, or by post to Private Bag 92-513, Wellesley Street P.O., Auckland 1.
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13 Apr 1995

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