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Key Business Communications Limited (in liquidation) Notice to All Creditors to Prove Debts or Claims In the matter of the Companies Act 1955, and in the matter of Key Business Communications Limited (in liquidation): Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, the joint liquidator of Key Business Communications Limited (in liquidation), which is being wound up, does hereby fix the 24th day of May 1995, as the day on or before which the creditors of the company are to prove their debts or claims, and to establish any title they may have to priority under section 308 of the Companies Act 1955, or to be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before such debts are proved or, as the case may be, from objecting to such distribution. Dated at Auckland this 5th day of May 1995. L. G. CHILCOTT, Joint Liquidator. Address of Liquidators: Smith Chilcott, Chartered Accountants, First Floor, General Buildings, 29 Shortland Street (P.O. Box 5545), Auckland 1.
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11 May 1995

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