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Revoking a Proclamation Declaring an Area of Land in the Taranaki Land District to be a Wildlife Refuge CATHERINE A. TIZARD, Governor-General A PROCLAMATION Pursuant to section 14 of the Wildlife Act 1953, I, Dame Catherine Anne Tizard, g.c.m.g., d.b.e., the Governor-General of New Zealand, hereby revoke the Proclamation dated the 28th day of November 1967 and published on the 7th day of December 1967, in the New Zealand Gazette, No. 80 at page 2205, declaring an area of land to be a Wildlife Refuge. Given under the hand of Her Excellency the Governor- General, and issued under the Seal of New Zealand, this 13th day of April 1995. DENIS MARSHALL, Minister of Conservation. l.s.God Save The Queen!
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16 May 1995

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