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The Royal Society of New Zealand Act 1965 Pursuant to section 6 of The Royal Society of New Zealand Act 1965, the Fellows of the Royal Society of New Zealand at their annual general meeting held on 7 December 1994, elected the following persons to be Fellows of the Society with effect from 7 December 1994: Marie Mildred Clay, d.b.e., m.a. hons, dip. ed., ph.d., f.r.s.n.z.,, hon f.n.z.e.i. Brent Euan Clothier, hons, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z., f.s.s.s.a. Carrick Erskine Devine, hons, ph.d.,, f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.c. Mason Harold Durie, m.b., ch.b. otago, d. psych. mcgill, f.r.s.n.z., f.r.a.n.z.c.p. David George Elms, b.a. cantab, m.s.e. princeton, ph.d. princeton, f.r.s.n.z., f.i.p.e.n.z., m.a.s.c.e. Robert Arthur Franich, hons, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.c. Kuan Meng Goh,, ph.d. illinois, f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.c. John Bernard Hearnshaw, m.a. cantab., ph.d. a.n.u., f.r.s.n.z., f.r.a.s.n.z. Janet Holmes, b.a., m.phil. leeds, f.r.s.n.z. Peter John Hunter, m.e. hons, d.phil oxon., f.r.s.n.z. Sir (Ian) Hugh Kawharu, n.z., m.a. cantab., d.phil. oxon., f.r.s.n.z. Bryan Frederick John Manly,, lond., c.stat. r.s.s., f.r.s.n.z. Arthur Harold Marshall, b.arch., n.z., ph.d. s'ton., f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.a, f.r.a.i.a, f.a.s.a. Murray Herbert Gibson Munro, hons, ph.d otago, f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.c. Peter Aaron Munro, b.e. hons, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z., f.i.chem.e., f.n.z.i.f.s.t. Campbell Symes Nelson, hons well., ph.d. auck., f.r.s.n.z. David Ian Pool, m.a. n.z., ph.d. a.n.u., f.r.s.n.z. Anthony Edmund Reeve,, ph.d. otago, f.r.s.n.z. Kenneth Thomas Strongman, hons, ph.d. lond., f.r.s.n.z.,, Vernon Arthur Squire, hons wales, ph.d. cantab., f.r.s.n.z., f.i.m.a. Ian James Warrington, m.hort.sci. hons 1,, f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.s.h.s. John Herbert Watkinson, n.z., ph.d. well., f.r.s.n.z., f.n.z.i.a.s., m.n.z.i.c. James Douglas Watson,, ph.d. auck., f.r.s.n.z. Colin James Webb, b.a., hons, ph.d., f.r.s.n.z. Kenneth Geoffrey White,, ph.d. otago, f.r.s.n.z.,,, f.a.p.s. V. R. MOORE, Chief Executive Officer.
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20 Apr 1995

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