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Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From the Register I intend to remove the companies named in this notice from the Register under either section 293 of the Companies Act 1955 or section 318 of the Companies Act 1993, as applicable. The grounds on which I propose to take this action are that I am satisfied that the named companies have ceased to carry on business and that there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence. Objections to the removal of the named companies can be made under either section 296 of the Companies Act 1955 or section 321 of the Companies Act 1993, as applicable. An objection must be in writing and specify the ground relied on. Any such objections must be delivered to the District Registrar of Companies at Auckland within 20 working days of the date of publication of this notice. 1ST ALLIED LOCKSMITHS LIMITED, 35A Tawhiri Road, Onehunga AK. 513604 4PRO WIRE STRAINERS LIMITED, 25 Morgan Street, Newmarket AK. 488375 A NEW RELOCATABLE HOME CO. LIMITED, Unit Four, 22 Westend Road, Herne Bay, Auckland AK. 474314 A. AND D. LAURENT CONTRACTORS LIMITED, 48 Calgary Street, Balmoral AK. 490294 A. AND M. HOMES LIMITED, 7 Soling Place Hobsonville AK. 494736 AAA FAX RENTALS LIMITED, 49 Renfrew Avenue, Mount Roskill, Auckland AK. 532544 ABOVE THE RIM HOOPWEAR LIMITED, Air New Zealand House, 1 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 513215 ABUNDANCE OCEANIA LIMITED, 87 Walmer Road, Point Chevalier AK. 483344 ACCENT PERSONNEL LIMITED, Second Floor, Feltrax House, 145 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 440135 ACCESS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, 25 Trelawny Place, Glenfield, Auckland 10 AK. 499234 ACCLAIM AWARDS LIMITED, 35 Divich Avenue, Te Atatu South, Auckland AK. 500594 ADVERTISING ON HOLD LIMITED, Lowndes & Co, Level Eleven, 290 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 513844 AGOSTO INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 29 Heather Street, Bedford House, Ground Floor, Parnell, Auckland AK. 522646 ALEXANDER GORDON & CO (NZ) LIMITED, 228232 Orakei Road, Remuera, Auckland 5 AK. 471506 ALLPORT DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED, 662 Rosebank Road, Avondaleouse, Auckland AK. 523125 AMAZON UPHOLSTERY LIMITED, Fourth Floor, ASB Building, 136 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 495876 ANNACOTT INVESTMENTS LIMITED, Twenty-fifth Floor, ASB Bank Centre, 135 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 471616 AQUATEC OTV LIMITED, Twelfth Floor, 9296 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 468726 ASPIRATIONS APPAREL LIMITED, 2 Mason Street, New Lynn, Auckland AK. 486875 ASTREE HOLDINGS LIMITED, 8 Pagent Street, Ponsonby, Auckland AK. 544525 AUCKLAND DECOR LIMITED, 11 Princes Street, Mount Roskill, Auckland AK. 525425 AUCKLAND MOUNT EDEN BACKPACKERS LODGE LIMITED, 5A Oaklands Road, Mount Eden AK. 485264 AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS STUDIES LIMITED, 52 Quay Street, Eleventh Floor, Auckland 1 AK. 511814 AVI PACIFIC CORPORATION LIMITED, 9 Penguin Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland AK. 466805 B & M HOLDINGS LIMITED, 40 Matata Street, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland AK. 537925 BAY INFORMATION SERVICES LIMITED, Babbage House, Fourth Floor, 15 Hopetoun Street, Auckland AK. 330795 BAYS FREIGHT LIMITED, First Floor, 3 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 498046 BELL COMMODITIES LIMITED, 153 Newton Road, Auckland AK. 534436 BELLVUE FUNDRAISING LIMITED, Symonds Court, 210 Symonds Street, Auckland 1 AK. 535205 BILLISA ENTERPRISES LIMITED, Prince & Partners, Fifth Floor, Reserve Bank Building, 67 Customs Street East, Auckland AK. 464054 BJM CONSULTANTS LIMITED, First Floor, NZI Building, 507 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 525046 BLUE STAR INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 111A Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu South, Auckland 8 AK. 481675 BOANO & CO LIMITED, 33 Brilliant Street, St Heliers, Auckland AK. 544634 BOLLARD ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 406 Queen Street, Thames AK. 521134 BORRELL SERVICES LIMITED, 10 Myers Street, Tauranga AK. 509829 BROADVIEW INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 22 Fanshawe Street, Auckland 1 AK. 486864 BROWNS BAY LAND LIMITED, Fifth Floor, Reserve Bank, 67 Customs Street East, Auckland AK. 484625 BURWOOD HOLDINGS LIMITED, 182 Great South Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 510744 C & T ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 6 Glenties Lane, Ellerslie, Auckland AK. 469755 C & T TRANSPORT LIMITED, 1 Thalia Place, Glenfield, Auckland AK. 534205 CADENCE PROPERTIES LIMITED, 8 Chamberlain Road, Massey, Auckland AK. 461574 CAM MOTORS LIMITED, 532 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland AK. 503834 CAPE PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, Level One, 89 Great South Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland AK. 536214 CAPTAINS TRADING COMPANY LIMITED, 1 Captains Close, Torbay, North Shore City, Auckland AK. 547848 CAR CATCHERS LIMITED, Fauvel & Associates, 349 Remuera Road, Auckland AK. 528136 CARDRONA MANAGEMENT LIMITED, 15 Martin Street, Rotorua AK. 536365 CARENZA CORPORATION LIMITED, Symond Court, 210 Symonds Street, Auckland 1 AK. 477176 CAREX ROOFING CONSULTANTS LIMITED, 8 Tui Glen Road, Birkenhead, Auckland AK. 503076 CARPARK MANAGEMENT LIMITED, Fourth Floor, Cathay Herbal House, 24 Airedale Street, Auckland AK. 475196 CEFIRO ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 3 Koangi Street, Remuera, Auckland AK. 469486 CHANCELLOR AGENCIES LIMITED, Unit Six, 9 Milford Road, Milford, Auckland AK. 506266 CIVIC RENDEZVOUS RESTAURANT LIMITED, corner of Albert and Fanshawe Streets, Auckland AK. 512546 CLASSIFIED COMPUTERS NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, Level Eleven, 126 Vincent Street, Auckland AK. 535814 CLEMENT SERVICES LIMITED, 349 Remuera Road, Auckland AK. 525336 COBBLESTONE CREATIONS LIMITED, 230 Great South Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland AK. 481684 COLLARDEAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 25D Ring Terrace, Saint Marys Bay, Auckland AK. 460395 COLONIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED, Pine Valley Road, R.D. 2, Silverdale, Auckland AK. 485056 COLONIAL TABLEWARE COMPANY LIMITED, 302 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 504776 COMBINED BUILDING SYSTEMS LIMITED, 3 Lilac Grove, Hillsborough, Auckland AK. 467605 COMMUNITEL LIMITED, care of Bruce A. J. Sturart, 247 Remuera Road, Auckland AK. 543746 CONSOLIDATED PLUMBING LIMITED, 274 Birkdale Road, Birkdale, Auckland 10 AK. 474235 CONTAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED, Adsett & Belcher, Level Two, Southstate Tower, 90 Symonds Street, Auckland 1 AK. 471066 COMTEMPORARY HOMES (1992) LIMITED, care of R. H. Warburton, Weranui Road, Upper Waiwera AK. 555346 CORPORATE CALENDARS LIMITED, 297 Church Street, Onehunga AK. 492485 COSMETIC DESIGN LIMITED, 160162 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 545515 COULTMAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED, care of Kelly Flavell, T & G Building, corner of Elliot and Wellesley Streets, Auckland AK. 527005 COUNTRY GARDENS (1991) LIMITED, Birchfield & Company, First Floor, 683 Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa AK. 518924 COWAN KEMSLEY TAYLOR ADVERTISING LIMITED, Unit Six, 9 Milford Road, Milford, Auckland 9 AK. 474964 CREATIVE RESOURCE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED, 8 Teed Street, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 521606 CREDE HOLDINGS LIMITED, Fifth Floor, Union Street, 32 Quay Street, Auckland AK. 493804 CREDIT SAIL LIMITED, Thirteenth Level, AA Centre, 99 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 483674 D'RANGED FASHIONS LIMITED, 11 Wairere Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland AK. 497296 D.H. WILLIAMS LIMITED, Norfolk House, 18 High Street, Auckland AK. 516926 DAIRY CONTRACTING LIMITED, Twenty-fourth Floor, BNZ Tower, 125 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 541165 DANTEL NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, 1113 Falcon Street, Parnell, Auckland 1 AK. 495675 DAP ENTERPRISE LIMITED, 14 Newell Street, Point Chevalier, Auckland AK. 537106 DATABASE SYSTEMS LIMITED, 333 Main Road, Orewa AK. 481654 DAYTONA ROAD LIMITED, 40 Daytona Road, Henderson, Auckland AK. 456166 DENTON HOMES LIMITED, 6 Avice Street, Remuera, Auckland AK. 467434 DESIGNAIR LIMITED, 71 Portage Road, Penrose, Auckland AK. 542155 DETECTALL SECURITY SYSTEMS LIMITED, 14 Peter Buck Road, Avondale, Auckland AK. 497966 DEYA INVESTMENTS LIMITED, Russell McVeagh McKenzie Bartleet & Co, Level Six, The Shortland Centre, 5153 Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 496386 DIRECT TRANSPORT LIMITED, Twenty-fifth Floor, ASB Bank Centre, 135 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 476644 DIRK HOLDINGS LIMITED, 4/9 Milford Road, Milford, Auckland 9 AK. 478256 DISPOTE HOLDINGS LIMITED, Level Eight, Ceramco House, 57 Fort Street, Auckland AK. 526825 DUKE OF WELLINGTON TAVERN LIMITED, First Floor, 519 Ellerllie Panmure Highway, Panmure, Auckland AK. 527115 EAST SIDE MOWERS AND CYCLES (1991) LIMITED, 384 Grey Street, Hamilton East AK. 482704 EASTERN TOOL COMPANY LIMITED, 60 Cook Street, Auckland AK. 466274 EAT YA GREENS LIMITED, Fourth Floor, ASB Building, 136 Broadway, Auckland AK. 509856 ECONOPAC SUPER-SAVE MARKETING LIMITED, 21 Donnell Street, Mangere, Auckland AK. 464005 EDDINGSON HOLDINGS LIMITED, 52 Sainsbury Road, Morningside AK. 472974 ELDORADO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 250 Highway 16, Kumeu AK. 519945 ELKER LIMITED, 4/538 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland AK. 488345 EMILY MORRIS LIMITED, Third Floor, 58 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 497175 EMJAY ASSOCIATES LIMITED, 15B Craig Road, Milford AK. 520646 ENCORE PERFORMANCE LIMITED, 10 Muritai Road, Milford, Auckland AK. 507745 ENHARMONY GARMENTS LIMITED, Level Two, (Unit E), 6 Jack Conway Avenue, Manukau AK. 487582 EQUIPMENT MONITORING LIMITED, 50 Wakelin Road, Beachlands AK. 531916 ERAS HOLDINGS LIMITED, 3/56 Thatcher Street, Saint Heliers, Auckland AK. 536206 ERINLEIGH HOLDINGS LIMITED, 13 Boundary Road, Tikipunga, Whangarei AK. 535236 ESCROW HOLDINGS FORTY-SEVEN LIMITED, 2/22 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn AK. 464764 ESSILOR CORPORATION (NEW ZEALAND) LIMITED, 11 Warren Crescent, Christchurch AK. 478174 EXCEL JOINERY LIMITED, 13 Andromeda Crescent, East Tamaki, Auckland AK. 540704 EXPRESS CLOTHING CO LIMITED, 10C Norrie Road, Drury AK. 482265 F B T CONSTRUCTION LIMITED, 53A Cliff Road, Torbay, Auckland AK. 530516 FAB PRINTERS LIMITED, 136 The Mall, Onehunga, Auckland AK. 510345 FINANCIAL MARKETS ANALYSIS LIMITED, the office of P. R. Hill, McGill Building, corner of Roberts and Walton Streets, Whangarei AK. 516104 FISHING NEWS VIDEO LIMITED, care of P. R. Cates, Uth Road, Chartered Accountant, 6 Woods Road, Whangarei AK. 526544 FIT SENSE LIMITED, 8A Rawiti Avenue, Takapuna AK. 525436 FORUM 2000 LIMITED, 106 Saint Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland AK. 472714 FRANCIA COMPANY LIMITED, Cox Arcus & Co., 41 Taharoto Road, Takapuna, Auckland 9 AK. 508985 FRANKLIN SALEYARDS & AUCTIONEERS LIMITED, Ferrier Hodgson & Co, Sixteenth Floor, Southpac Tower, 45 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 537046 FUBB INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 71A Bollard Avenue, Avondale, Auckland AK. 351646 FUKUYAMA INVESTMENTS LIMITED, Level One, West Plaza, corner of Fanshawe and Albert Streets, Auckland AK. 523324 FULLCHEN ENTERPRISES LIMITED, KPMG Peat Marwick, Level Eleven, KPMG Centre, 9 Princess Street, Auckland AK. 462955 G. & L. HOLDINGS LIMITED, 19 Tarewa Road, Whangarei AK. 540414 GET SMART SERVICES LIMITED, 727 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland AK. 521045 GOLDING ELECTRONICS LIMITED, 25 Craig Road, Maraetai AK. 510855 GOLF INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 14 Perotti Place, Takanini AK. 535516 GRASSLAND SERVICES LIMITED, 31 Oran Road, Panmure, Auckland AK. 467244 GREEN BAY HOLDINGS LIMITED, West Plaza Annex, 57 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 497546 GRIFFEN & ASSOCIATES LIMITED, 52 Nelson Street, Auckland 1 AK. 521514 GROUP 7 LIMITED, 157 Great South Road Manurewa, Auckland AK. 529936 HARRIS CORPORATION LIMITED, 37 Sandbrook Avenue, Otara AK. 546744 HARRISON FAMILY COMPANY LIMITED, 214 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 511655 HASLETT ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 13 Rust Avenue, Whangarei AK. 529025 HAU TAK RESOURCES (NZ) LIMITED, 19 Halifax Avenue, Epsom, Auckland AK. 530744 HIGHBURY SERVICES LIMITED, 37 Gloucester Road, Manurewa AK. 524705 HIKIUKE HOLDINGS LIMITED, 28 Arron Road, Browns Bay, Auckland AK. 517854 HIMATANGI ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 1482 Dominion Road, Mount Roskill South, Auckland AK. 525475 HINSCOMBE HOLDINGS LIMITED, 126 Vauxhall Road, Devonport, North Shore AK. 468644 HOGG CATHIE THIRTY ONE LIMITED, 166 Harris Road, East Tamaki AK. 464396 HOLBERTON HOLDINGS LIMITED, Third Floor, 90 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 529536 HORTICULTURAL HIRE LIMITED, 78A Kohimarama Road, Auckland 5 AK. 499396 HOUSE OF CLAIRE-LOUISE LIMITED, care of Alan Jenkinson Alexander, 8 Clifton Road, Panmure AK. 526504 HOWCROFT HOLDINGS LIMITED, Berendon Court, Unit 11/57, Sardfield Street, Herne Bay, Auckland AK. 499086 HSIN TUNG YANG (NZ) LIMITED, 66 Wyndham Street, Auckland AK. 482596 HUGH ALICE HOLDINGS LIMITED, 56 Kelvin Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 544824 HUGHES IMPORTING CO. LIMITED, Strathclyde Consultant Limited, First Floor, Adminstrator House, 44 Anzac Avenue, Auckland AK. 507176 I-MEI (NZ) CO. LIMITED, Twelfth Floor, 66 Wyndham Street, Auckland, New Zealand AK. 484326 ICONZ GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED, care of Walker & Lee, 24 Veronica Street, New Lynn, Auckland AK. 531935 IF IT MOVES LIMITED, 15 Seaview Terrace, Mount Albert, Auckland AK. 465316 IMAGE MANAGEMENT LIMITED, 282 Great South Road, Otahuhu, Auckland AK. 537225 IMAGINE SYSTEMS LIMITED, Studio 3, First Floor, 300 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland AK. 519926 INFORMATION AND MEDIA WORKS LIMITED, 117 Coates Avenue, Orakei, Auckland AK. 532935 INNSFORD HOLDINGS LIMITED, 19 Redfern Lane, Glenfield, Auckland AK. 518736 INPUT APPLICATIONS (ASIA) LIMITED, 63 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 533046 INSTITUTE OF SPORT & CORPORATE HEALTH (NZ) LIMITED, care of Absett & Belcher, Chartered Accountant, Level Two, 90 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 535226 INTERMARKET CONSULTANCY LIMITED, Level Seven, SIL House, 4452 Wellesley Street West, Auckland AK. 502336 INTERNATIONAL INTRODUCTION SERVICES LIMITED, First Floor, 353 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 538236 INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL PROMOTIONS (NZ) LIMITED, 42 Harbour View Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland AK. 521006 INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY OF NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, 18 Turner Street, Auckland AK. 514435 IRONHOG GYM GEAR LIMITED, 776 Manukau Road, Royal Oak, Auckland AK. 498956 ISSEI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 4/3 Fairview Road, Mount Eden AK. 478166 J & B T Q BELL LIMITED, 6 Queen Street, Pakakura, Auckland AK. 114875 JENSCH HOLDINGS LIMITED, 75 Benson Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 533616 JOB PHOTOGRAPHY LIMITED, Parnell House, 470 Parnell Road, Auckland AK. 493916 JOHNSTON WALLCOVERINGS LIMITED, 127 Main Highway, Ellerlsie, Auckland AK. 110714 JOMAC HOLDINGS LIMITED, 207 Archers Road, Glenfield, Auckland AK. 523644 JOSFER COMPANY LIMITED, 7 Indus Place, Half Moon Bay, Auckland AK. 540834 K J AND M T GILLETT LIMITED, Second Floor, Asda Plaza One, Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 527835 KERRON BUILDERS LIMITED, office of Gerald Hulst & Associates, care of Level Eight, 17 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 507014 KHALSA INVESTMENTS NZ LIMITED, 30 Hamlin Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland AK. 523635 KING'S ART ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 66 Mary Dreaver Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland AK. 517735 KITCHEN CRAFT LIMITED, 14C Neil Park Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland AK. 510825 KIWI TRAILERS LIMITED, 6 Osterley Way, Manukau AK. 515744 KLEENWELL LIMITED, 25 Fairdale Avenue, Papakura AK. 493106 KOHE INDUSTRIES LIMITED, 16A Bisset Road, Kaikohe AK. 460785 KZ MARINE LIMITED, care of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Level Thirteen, Tower Two, Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 519242 LEA 'ELLE ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 35 Mead Street, Avondale, Auckland AK. 533545 METEORIC HOLDINGS LIMITED, 326 Lake Road, Takapuna AK. 465866 MISTA FIXIT LIMITED, 137 Queens Road, Epsom, Auckland AK. 502014 MONROE MADNESS LIMITED, 154 Kolmar Road, Hunters Corner, Papatoetoe AK. 533206 MOODS CONSULTING LIMITED, 43 Coldham Crescent, St Johns, Auckland AK. 529226 MORTCO AUTOPARTS (1992) LIMITED, 26D Ryan Place, Manukau City AK. 537316 MOTORSPORT MARKETING LIMITED, 91 Greenlane East, Remuera, Auckland AK. 506595 MOUNT ROSKILL MEDICAL SERVICES LIMITED, 170 Richardson Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland AK. 535116 MURCHISON ABATTOIRS LIMITED, care of Eloil Cotton and Associates, Level Seven, SIL House, 4452 Wellesley Street, Auckland AK. 509764 MYCO LIMITED, 41 Normanby Street, Wellington AK. 506134 NAPPY WASH LIMITED, 2/67 Kowhai Road, Mairangi Bay, Auckland AK. 470814 NATIONWIDE BUSINESS DIRECTORIES LIMITED, 15 Chelverton Terrace, Red Beach, Auckland AK. 521366 NATURES ISLAND LIMITED, 4 Henderson Place, Onehunga, Auckland AK. 535464 NETWORK PRINTING LIMITED, 23/1 Woodcote Avenue, Glenfield, North Shore City AK. 525024 NEW ZEALAND PROFESSIONAL BOXING AND WRESTLING LIMITED, 7A Hostel Access Road, Howick, Auckland AK. 512444 NEWMANS COACH LINES NORTHLAND LIMITED, 69 Saint Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland AK. 045182 NEWTON WHITE LIMITED, 498 Don Bucks Road, Auckland 8 AK. 465656 NICHE MARKETING AND SPONSORSHIPS LIMITED, Level Eighteen, Northcroft Steet, Takapuna, Auckland AK. 543126 NIKAV FINANCE LIMITED, 115 Shelly Beach Road, St Marys Bay, Auckland AK. 522436 NODIS HOLDINGS LIMITED, 291 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland AK. 524215 NORTH HARBOUR CAFE (AWATAHA) LIMITED, 8 Sunnynook Road, Forrest Hill, North Shore City AK. 492115 NORTH SHORE CONTRACTING SERVICES (1991) LIMITED, Unit Eight, 79 Marken Place, Glenfield, Auckland AK. 498454 NOTARY NOMINEES LIMITED, McElroy Milne, Sixteenth Floor, Southpac Towers, Great Northern Centre, 45 Queen Street, Auckland 1 AK. 089792 NUZUM & KILMARTIN CONTRACTORS LIMITED, 111 Upland Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 511725 NYNEX (NEW ZEALAND) LIMITED, Level Thirty-five, Coopers & Lybrand Tower, 2329 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 481314 OASIS RESORT PROPERTIES (N.Z.) LIMITED, 327 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville AK. 496156 OLD RIDGE SERVICES NO. 9 LIMITED, care of G. A. Hamilton, Chartered Accountant, Fourth Floor, 60 Parnell Rise, Parnell, Auckland AK. 527136 ONEHUNGA QUILTING LIMITED, 45 Neilson Street, Onehunga AK. 464566 OPTIONS LIMITED, 120 Albert Street, Auckland 1 AK. 485895 ORADEA GROUP LIMITED, 142 Main Road, Huntly AK. 461236 ORBETRON PROMOTIONS LIMITED, 12 Maxwell Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland AK. 523375 P.Q. ELECTRA INDUSTRIES LIMITED, 237 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Auckland AK. 519544 P.V. SHIRLEY INVESTMENTS LIMITED, Price Waterhouse Centre, 66 Wyndham Street, Auckland AK. 475514 PABLO PROPERTIES LIMITED, Seventh Floor, 234 Wakefield Street, Wellington AK. 508214 PACIFIC TRADING LIMITED, First Floor, NZI Building, 507 Lake Road, Takapuna AK. 529816 PAN PACIFIC FRESH FOOD LIMITED, 29 Abbotsford Terrace, Devonport AK. 489365 PAPAKURA BOUTIQUE LIMITED, care of M. & P. Guy, Lewis Road, R.D., Karaka AK. 519126 PARIS INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 34 Oban Road, Browns Bay, Auckland AK. 513416 PENDEL LIMITED, 34 Thornburn Avenue, Red Beach, Auckland AK. 544836 PENNY ANN FISHING COMPANY LIMITED, 603C Lumsden Road, Hastings AK. 476105 PENWAY INDUSTRIES COMPANY LIMITED, 13 Minaret Drive, Pakuranga AK. 505494 PEROTTI INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 12A Dalgety Drive, Wiri AK. 524902 PETRIE BUILDINGS LIMITED, Ground Floor, 83 Grafton Road, Auckland AK. 002742 PHIL CLARK HIRE LIMITED, 15 The Concourse, Henderson, Auckland AK. 514814 PHOENIX REALTY LIMITED, First Floor, 63 Wakefield Street, Auckland AK. 480324 POLARIS INVESTMENTS LIMITED, corner of Southhampton and King Streets, Hastings AK. 528466 PORRITT DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED, 17 Blundell Avenue, Birkenhead, Auckland AK. 525716 PORTABLE SOLUTIONS LIMITED, 58 Chelsea View Drive, Birkenhead, Auckland AK. 530426 POWER BUSINESS BROKERS LIMITED, First Floor, 1 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Auckland AK. 545706 POWERPLAY GROUP LIMITED, 203 Hobson Street, Auckland AK. 497955 PREDATOR BOATS LIMITED, 199 Triangle Road, Massey, Auckland AK. 520705 PREFORM COMPANY 465 LIMITED, Seymore House, Ground Floor, Suite 7, corner of Fencible Drive and Wellington Street, Howick, Auckland AK. 528535 PREMIER PLUMBING LIMITED, corner of East and Wood Streets, Manurewa, Auckland AK. 533426 PRIMATON HOLDINGS (TWENTY NINE) LIMITED, Price Waterhouse Centre, 66 Wyndam Street, Auckland 1 AK. 379248 PRIMROSE PRODUCTS LIMITED, Selwyn Mall, Selwyn Road, Pahia AK. 534215 PUBLISHERS SERVICES LIMITED, 45 Kenmure Avenue, Forrest Hill, Auckland AK. 530045 PUNCH SHOECARE LIMITED, Symond Court, 210 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 543735 QUALITY CLASS LIMITED, 25 Picton Street, Howick AK. 516644 R & J CRIDLAND LIMITED, Taupake Road, Taupaki, Henderson, Auckland AK. 113373 RACING BOWLERS LIMITED, Cooper White & Assocs, corner of Roulston Street and Massey Avenue, Pukekohe, Auckland AK. 474446 RAINBOW COUNTRY CLUB RESORTS LIMITED, 132 Halsey Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland AK. 489685 REALISTIC TELEMARKETING LIMITED, Unit 1/143 Ireland Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland AK. 501716 REMUERA DECORATING CO LIMITED, 2/16 Rangipawa Road, One Tree Hill, Auckland AK. 484174 RETAIL SYSTEMS & CATERING MACHINERY LIMITED, 35 Odnnell Avenue, Mount Roskill, Auckland AK. 540604 ROBERT FLOYD LIMITED, ASB Building, 136 Broadway, Newmarket AK. 513636 ROSINA INDUSTRIES LIMITED, 15 Joval Place, Manukau City, Auckland AK. 508186 ROWLEY SYSTEMS LIMITED, 104 East Street, Hamilton AK. 482286 SAFEPARK LIMITED, 31 Arthur Street, Ponsonby, Auckland AK. 535344 SANDWICK PARK ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 124 Symonds Street, Auckland AK. 536606 SANT MARINE (NZ) LIMITED, 55 Salisbury Road, Birkdale AK. 482674 SECURITY TRAINING & CONSULTANCY LIMITED, 2 Granada Place, Glendowie, Auckland AK. 510834 SELECTRONS (N.Z.) LIMITED, care of Stanley Boyask, Ground Floor, 12 Heather Street, Parnell, Auckland AK. 522236 SET-IN-THE-WEST LIMITED, 3061 Great North Road, New Lynn, Auckland AK. 507376 SHATTERZ WINDSCREENS LIMITED, 1/37 Eaton Road, Hillsborough, Auckland AK. 486064 SINO-CHEM LIMITED, 45B Pakira Avenue, Glendene, Auckland AK. 536306 SKIPPER INTERNATIONAL (NZ) LIMITED, 61 Guinness Street, Greymouth AK. 489776 SLATE ROOFING LIMITED, 31 Ocean View Road, Milford, Auckland AK. 479904 SNACK & SPICES LIMITED, 45 Kenmure Avenue, Forrest Hill, Auckland AK. 545204 SNOWMAN ICECREAM LIMITED, 24 Renwick Street, Papakura, Auckland AK. 540025 SOAP OPERA LIMITED, 124 Symonds Street, Auckland 1 AK. 544004 SOFTWARE INTEGRATION LIMITED, 10 Eastglen Road, Glen Eden, Auckland AK. 534016 SOLUTION SYSTEMS LIMITED, 6B Swinton Close, Remuera, Auckland AK. 521444 SOUND CONNECTION COMPANY LIMITED, Racal House, 3 Margot Street, Epsom, Auckland AK. 514104 SOUTH AUCKLAND LIVESTOCK & SALVAGE LIMITED, 124 Symonds Street, Auckland 1 AK. 511834 SOUTH PACIFIC TRADING & EXHIBITION LIMITED, 143 Reeves Road, Pakuranga, Auckland AK. 532434 SOUTHERN ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED, 486 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland AK. 545805 SPICE ISLAND LIMITED, 61 Becroft Drive, Forrest Hill, Auckland AK. 519375 SPRINGLAND CORPORATION HOLDINGS LIMITED, 223 Orakau Avenue, Epsom, Auckland AK. 500755 SQUASH WORLD LIMITED, 896 Great South Road, Manukau AK. 501586 STANTON ENTERPRISES LIMITED, Third Floor, 171 Hobson Street, Auckland AK. 506796 STILLWATER CONTRACTORS LIMITED, offices of MacNicol & Co, Hallmark Building, Hillary Square, Orewa AK. 482296 STRATICO COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, 7 Corric Hill, Torbay, Auckland AK. 529124 SUN TUNG INDUSTRIES LIMITED, 10 Tekowhai Place, Remuera, Auckland AK. 506454 SUNSCREEN (NZ) LIMITED, Messrs Frost & Sutcliffe, Suite 6, 129 Great South Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland AK. 503165 SUPREME FARM LIMITED, Level Five, Union House, 32 Quay Street, Auckland AK. 507166 TAI CONSTRUCTION LIMITED, 67 Sherwood Road, Onerahi, Whangarei AK. 527015 TAIKO ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 10 Islington Street, New Lynn, Auckland 3 AK. 536826 TANDO INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 29 Wakefield Street, Lower Hutt, Wellington AK. 505604 TANOA INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 25 Tony Segdin Drive, Avondale AK. 517906 TE WHANAU MARSH & MOSES MULTISERVE LIMITED, 75 Farrington Avenue, Glen Innes, Auckland AK. 530234 TECH SHIELD (AUSTRALIA) LIMITED, 57A Pufflet Road, Havelock North AK. 527946 TELDAR PAPER NO.26 LIMITED, Twenty-fifth Floor, AS Bank Centre, 135 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 516536 THE BARN (GLEN EDEN) LIMITED, Level Eight, Westpac Towers, 120 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 474025 THE BRA SHOP LIMITED, Level Six, The Shortland Centre, 5153 Shortland Street, Auckland AK. 488256 THE LOUNGE SUITE FACTORY LIMITED, 10 Idesia Place, Manukau, Auckland AK. 514046 THE MAC CONNECTION LIMITED, 312 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland AK. 482365 THE PICKLE PALACE LIMITED, 8 Newton Road, Oneroa, Waiheke Island AK. 513505 THE RUGBY LEAGUE SHOP LIMITED, Air New Zealand House, 1 Queen Street, Auckland AK. 513214 THE STRAND TRADING COMPANY LIMITED, 138 Saint Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland AK. 505984 THOMAS INDUSTRIES (1990) LIMITED, 15 Lincoln Street, Hamilton AK. 482306 THORLEY HOLDINGS LIMITED, 239 Hill Road, Manurewa AK. 521125 TIE COMMUNICATIONS NZ LIMITED, 26 Kauri Point Road, Laingholm AK. 476745 TIGER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 602 Beach Road, Browns Bay, Auckland AK. 478255 TOTAL AUTO PARTS LIMITED, 9 Maxwell Avenue, Papatoetoe, Auckland AK. 466855 TOURS UNLIMITED NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, 18 Brightwell Street, Papakura, Auckland AK. 511915 TRADWEL CORPORATION LIMITED, 16 Queen Street, Papakura, Auckland AK. 516805 TRANSPORTATION INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED, 99101 Hobson Street, Auckland, Auckland AK. 487066 TRILLION ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 12A Murano Place, Chatswood, Auckland AK. 483856 TYM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED, Level Three, 245 Hobson Street, Auckland AK. 498176 TYM INTERFACE SYSTEMS LIMITED, 45 Garnet Road, Westmere, Auckland AK. 488754 ULTRA VIOLET EYES NZ LIMITED, 1D Corella Road, Belmont, Auckland 9 AK. 466796 UNLIMITED EDITIONS LIMITED, 25 Holyoake Place, Birkenhead AK. 482045 VANESSCREST INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 103 Saint Andrews Road, Epsom, Auckland AK. 530945 VENBAR HOLDINGS LIMITED, 11 Bairds Road, Otara, Auckland AK. 533846 VICTORIOUS ENTERPRISES LIMITED, care of Victorius Cafe & Kareoke Bar, Ground Floor Battery Room Building, Victoria Park Market, Auckland AK. 510326 VIKING TRANSPORT LIMITED, 28 Madigan Place, Glendene, Auckland AK. 497714 WAIHAKARI FARM LIMITED, 45B Anglesea Street, Ponsonby AK. 061936 WAIKATO PAPER CHAIN COMPANY LIMITED, 57 Angle Street, Onehunga, Auckland AK. 472056 WAIMARU CONSULTANTS & ASSOCIATES LIMITED, 181 McLeod Road, Te Atatu, Auckland AK. 532206 WALKER-FERNLEIGH TEXTILE LIMITED, care of Fernleigh Textile, Whittaker Street, Te Aroha AK. 494634 WATERWAYS FINANCE LIMITED, 4 Fairdene Avenue, Henderson AK. 530545 WELLSFORD TRANSPORT SERVICES LIMITED, 1 Davies Road, Wellsford, North Auckland AK. 540636 WESTBROOK INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED, 4/11 Wellesley Street West, Auckland AK. 461075 WESTERN PERIPHERALS LIMITED, 1/93 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville AK. 514804 WICKY HOLDINGS LIMITED, 580 Wellington Highway, Mount Wellington, Auckland AK. 476854 WINDROS MANAGEMENT LIMITED, Twelfth Floor, 9296 Albert Street, Auckland AK. 533744 WING FAT DECORATION COMPANY LIMITED, Kennsington Swan, Solicitors, Tenth Floor, 22 Fanshawe Street AK. 483365 WONDER PRODUCTS LIMITED, 28 Morrin Road, Panmure, Auckland 6 AK. 545824 WORK SMART TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, Level Three, Building 10, Central Park, 666 Great South Road, Penrose AK. 478705 YANUCA TOURS (NZ) LIMITED, 10 Turner Street, Auckland 1 AK. 505776 YEN'S COMPANY LIMITED, 8 McCahill Views, Highland Park, Auckland AK. 483346 YI LIN INTERNATIONAL CO LIMITED, 8 Aldred Road, Remuera, Auckland AK. 480856 YONG TRADING COMPANY LIMITED, 6 Osterley Way, Manukau City, Auckland AK. 500524 N. HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.
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12 Jan 1995

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