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Yes Unlimited Limited Notice of Intention to Remove From the Register The Companies Act 1955 Take notice I, K. B. Hazewinkel of Kerikeri, the company secretary of Yes Unlimited Limited, having its registered office at Poutsma Ardern & Partners, ANZ Bank Building, Kerikeri, intend to apply to the Registrar of Companies at Auckland to have the company removed from the Register, under section 293 (1) (d), on the grounds that the company has no surplus assets after paying its debts in full, and no creditor has applied to the Court, under section 211, for an order putting the company into liquidation, and unless there are written objections delivered to the Registrar of Companies within 28 days of this notice, then the company will be removed from the Register. Signed: K. B. HAZEWINKEL.
Publication Date
30 Nov 1995

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